2012: The Awakening of Consciousness

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To honor the Mayan Culture and its Calendar, at Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya and at Desire Pearl Resort & Spa, we have prepared the “2012: The Awakening of Consciousness”. Celebrate this call to awake our consciousness with us from June through December 21st, 2012, it will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the most sensual events such as: Massive meditation in the beach, Mayan Yoga, Mayasutra classes, Mayan Gastronomic Fest – Co’ox Hana.
For the night we have prepared many more sensual activities like, Mayan ceremonies, Live Band, Mayan paint Exposition, and Mayan dinner- shows. The year 2012 is not bringing the end of the world, it’s simply calling to awake our consciousness in a deliciously erotic way.

Please check our web page to get details on dates and the entire program for this journey to a new you… to a new delightful beginning.