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Couples often wonder what kinds of sex everyone else is having, and is it enough? Not only in terms of frequency, but also in terms of the kinds of sex they are having. After all, couples don’t want to miss out, if there’s great sex out there to be had!


In terms of positions, there are hundreds… people love to explore their bodies and pathways to pleasure with one another. But sex isn’t only about the position and the frequency. Generally speaking, there are categories of sex, all of which keep your sex life spicy, varied and stimulating. Just as you wouldn’t eat the same meal for dinner every night, or even the same dessert, sex needs some variety to keep it interesting – and that means changing it up!


Here are 3 types of sex I recommend for a healthy, balanced and spicy sex life:

Quickie Sex

Fast is not a bad word. It’s just bad if it’s the only word to describe your sex life. Sometimes, practically speaking, and for fun too, a quickie is just the thing to put some zip – or unzip – into your day!


Tantric Sex

A lot of people are curious about things like tantric sex, which is, like other forms of “sacred sex”, acknowledging the spiritual component of engaging with each other in a naked, intimate, vulnerable way. From the beginning the emphasis has always been on the spiritual element of sex, rather than the physical. Tantra emphasizes sexuality as a doorway to human ecstasy and enlightenment and views sexual love as a sacrament. It offers a path to understanding yourself and deepening the relationship with your beloved.


Kinky Sex

Each couple needs to define kinky for themselves and kinky can mean different things at different ages and stages of a person’s and couple’s life. Experimentation helps couple to build on their intimacy and grow together … and have fun together! Sex is your intimate recreation time together so try new things and laugh, or try new things and say, “Let’s do that again!”


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