5 Reasons to Come to Desire!

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Desire is waiting for you with the most enjoyable vacation ever. Then, to keep this precept going, we constantly ask our guests what they love about our couples only resort and they mostly agree that it is the sensual, uninhibited environment as well as the amazing amenities that the resort offers.

Last time we had a similar poll on our facebook page, asking about the 5 reasons that make you prefer Desire Resort & Spa … and these are the top 5 reasons our guests have given us:

5. Desire Beach Beds!
4. Dinner at Il Piacere
3. Nightly entertainment
2. Floating in the pool with great friends
1. Roof top hot tub!

Do you agree? If you have already been to our couples only Desire… What could make you come back. And if you haven’t. Can you think of any others?
One last question:

When are you coming to Desire then?

  1. BCNature

    Desire is such a great place. All the reasons above fit. For those who have never been and are feeling a bit nervous dont be. You will have such a great time. All the people we met last year were wonderful. Some of the nicest people that you will meet anywhere. We have never been to a resort where everyone talked and got to know each other. Other resorts most people just ignore you. At desire you will feel like you are home.

    Things that can be added to that list are the wonderful staff especially Afrika at the beach. They keep the energy up where needed and a cold drink in your hand.

    We will be going back in 17 days and we cannot wait.
    Hope to see you there

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Thank you, BC Nature for your words, and welcome back!

  2. miranda

    We are heading back down to Desire Cancun in January and can’t wait to try everything on the new menu at Il Piacere – I am going to order one of everything on the menu during the week.

    We’ve been twice and now anxiously awaiting trip number three. Desire has almost become an addiction. We go for the staff, the sexy ambiance, the rooms, the grounds, the way we reconnect with each other and the fun we have – day and night, whether it’s the entertainment staff, organized activities, theme nights, meeting new friends and the delicious food. We love Desire and have decided to give up some of our other vacation destinations and just focus on Desire vacations.

  3. cole

    when does the 2012 calendar get posted?

  4. BottomsUp

    Good question cole.
    I sent the same question regarding the 2012 calendar direct to the resort last week but no response yet.

    We are arriving January 2012 for ten wonderful nights!
    Can’t wait.

  5. rigmech

    Will be arriving for our first ever stay at desire on Feb 9th 2012, trying hard to get clothes together for the theme nights, it seems to be easy for the gals as there are online places everywhere, what do most guys wear for the leather, lingerie and tropical nights?

  6. me1975

    We are coming back for our second time, Feb 9 – 13th 2012…. Can’t wait to return, so much fun the first time.

    If you’re gonna be there during those dates, drop a line on here and introduce yourselves! 🙂

    Also, why are the comments closed for some of the other blog topics (like the “So When is Your Next Trip to Desire?”) thread?

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  7. The Squirtinators

    There are big changes coming with The New Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos and The Desire Pearl Resort & Spa Riviera Maya, they are soon to be open. Book now and you might be in one of our sensual seminars in any of these properties. Check them out!
    Go to Desire Pearl Resort & Spa Riviera Maya Go to Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos.

  8. The Squirtinators

    There are a lot of reasons people think of coming to Desire and almost none of them end up being what you find. There are the first time folks (mostly men) that have convinced their wives to be around other naked people with the secret hope of stumbling into a swinging situation or a threesome. Then there are the experienced swingers (that are different than the stereotypical way most vanilla people think of them) having fun and being honest about what and whom they want!! LOL Then you have the couples some where in between nudists and swingers who like the racy adult environment but are there just to rediscover passion in their own relationships. I believe after a decade or more in these adult resorts that on some level with the right other person or couple that stepping into the swinger mentality is not just below the surface with most of those type of couples. Having said that some things are better left as verbal fantasy it is as individual as the couples that seek out these passionate environments. So what will you find at Desire? The perfect place to pursue your fantasies, expand your boundaries and communicate with others who are chasing the same passion renewal. Moonlit walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, laughter with new adult friends is what awaits you and your mate in the perfect setting to chase your dreams.

  9. BETTYD34

    Back to Desire on April 11 for 2 weeks, our 8th visit for ALL of the above reasons, plus LOVE the Desire staff!! Constant improvement of sumptuous grounds and facility. There is something for everyone, whatever your comfort level. Respect is rampant! Being naked, a bonus! Excited by the new theme nights and eager to visit Desire Pearl – especially the swim-up bar.