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A “sensual massage” is more than just foreplay when performed between lovers. At Desire, our Foursome Erotic Massage is not only a skill but an art. Our certified therapists have an extensive background in couples’ techniques, designed to make men and women connect on a whole new level, where they will be overwhelmed by sensations. A good sensual massage is based not only on pleasure, but making couples feel comfortable at all times. Only through extensive training methods we are able to understand our couple’s personalities and physical response, always focusing on their personal needs.


The main objective of a sensual massage is not an orgasm. Your therapist or couple must learn to pace themselves, otherwise it could come to an end way to soon. In the Foursome Erotic Massage, your therapist will guide you in pacing your session, so that arousal and pleasure are present without spontaneously triggering an orgasm, making it long lasting. This massage will take you and your couple on a journey of the senses to experience pleasure like never before…


Desire invites you to go beyond the limits while savoring gentle, soft and enticing caresses all over your skin during an erotic Foursome Massage. Enjoy the intimacy of our Spa’s Jacuzzi to heat things up before indulging in an amazing 50-minute erotic massage for 2 couples that will take you beyond seduction…


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