Are you coming for Thanksgiving?

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So are you coming to Desire Resort to celebrate the most stimulating Thanksgiving ever? Come with your partner and meet other couples that, like you have decided to spend such an important holiday in this paradisiacal venue where they can be just themselves and get rid of all inhibitions and complications.

You can be sure, that our staff will be waiting for you arms wide open, with a special surprise to show you our appreciation since we’re grateful for your friendship and loyalty. Enjoy the delicious meals along with the sexy activities and sensual moments that will tempt you to stay at Desire for good.

  1. miranda

    Yes we are, actually! And we are very thankful! See you then.

  2. justxfun1000

    Hello miranda, we are also going to be there . See you !

  3. brstlcpl

    we will be arriving the saturday after thanksgiving (11/27). hoping to make some new friends.

  4. tiedandtasty

    Hi All

    Can anyone confirm to us please the situation regarding the use of USD or Mexican Pesos,will we be able to use USD at Desire resort or in the resort of Cancun in general or should all our transactions be in Mexican Pesos.We arrive at Desire Resort on Sat 1st Jan 2011.


    Hayley and Frank

  5. Dear tiedandtasty:

    You will be able to use CASH in USD denomination at Desire Resorts but with a limit of 3000 (that includes: payment of your stay and extra charges such as phone calls, logo shop, etc.) There is not any limit in credit cards.

    For the rest… Do not worry. You can still use USD to go shopping, take a tour, or rent a car. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Best regards.