Are you ready for our Jungle Fantasy?

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Have you ever had a fantasy where you are surrounded by an exotic, warm and sexy land that awakes your wildest side for real? Either as a tempting prey, powerful hunter or a sexy pirate, would you share those fantasies with us?

Well, Desire Resort & Spa is giving you every opportunity to see your most forbidden fantasies come true with our Jungle Fantasy Weekend, the fiercest event of all. While sensuality has always been in the menu at Desire, the au natural ambiance of our clothing optional resort will turn for the wild, taking you to a paradise where everything goes.

So what is your wildest fantasy?

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  1. VivienL

    My husband and I just loved the Jungle Fantansy, we’re home now but wishing to go back to Desire for more madness so you should do more special weeks like this. My first time at Desire, but certainly not the last.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Thank you, Vivien. We will let our activities and entertaining manager know how much you liked this event and see if he can program it for another week during the year. Have you cheked our special events calendar? All of them are so worth a visit to Desire.

  2. lovelylatina409

    Will be ariving on Saturday (tomorrow!!! ) Looking forward to being there!!!! Very excited!

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Lovelylatina, it’s so great you are coming tomorrow. Do you know that on Saturdays we have our Tropic Night? We hope you have a wonderful time and keep in touch to let us know what your Desire experience was like.

  3. oldseadog

    I refer you to my post on the main blog of 26th. May 2011.
    Again I request that, after this Jungle Fantasy W/E, Desire refrain from having events which romanticise pirates, who are, and always have been, nothing more than murdering thieves.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Thank you, oldseadog, for your comment, we will let our activities manager know about your feelings when it comes to Pirates shows. Keep in touch!

  4. oldseadog


  5. bmcurtiss

    We have never been to Desire Resort before, and are wondering what the average age of people will be there in December, and We would also like to chat with anyone going from Dec.11th thru the 18th.

  6. bmcurtiss

    what is the average age people that will be there in December