Become a sexplorer and go beyond the erotic!

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When the dirtiest thoughts come to your mind, and you remember your favourite kinky moments but suddenly you realise that all that happened a long time ago, or you reached a point that ever your orgasms seem a little bit boring, or maybe you feel sex like something automatic… If you ever had any of this feelings, or you want to prevent this issues then it is time to consider the idea of becoming a sexplorer!… We want to think that you totally agreed, even though you have no idea of what we are talking about.

“What is a sexplorer?” There’s no possible to find an exactly definition, because it depends of how much do we dare to try new things, and what we find “normal” or “too much”… However, sexplore it’s just to go beyond, to don’t settle with what we know, to look for the next step in pleasure.

It is when we decide to sail in strange and new sexual waters next to that special person and discover that there are many pleasures we didn’t know they even exist, that the intimacy we can reach as a couple is incomparable, there’s so much pleasure beyond what we are used to, there’s so much to see, to feel, to experience… It is when we are able to proudly call ourselves Sexplorers

But in order to make this new experience more comfortable, to find exactly the extra passion we are looking for, it is truly important to be in the perfect place to make it perfect… That getaway that embrace our fantasies, and enhance them with a special touch of sensuality. An amazing and unique place like Desire