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Most everyone has some type of secret fantasy, fetish, or kinky desire. They have something in the back of their mind that they are just dying to share with their partner. But, bringing up the topic with your couple can be difficult. How do you go from “sexual fantasies” to “reality”? Here are a few simple ideas on how to introduce your partner to what really turns you on.


Before you discuss your desires, you first must be comfortable with them yourself. You may well be your partner’s first introduction into the topic and as a result, you will be leading them. If you are comfortable, they will be comfortable. Besides, despite our often sexually repressive culture, everyone has something a bit “kinky” they would like to try. To be persuasive, get comfortable with your fantasy and accept it…then share it.


Sharing your secret sexual cravings with a special partner can increase trust and intimacy. It is a special, private piece of whom you are that you are giving to someone else. Highlight the fact that your partner is unique, special, and you desire to share the behavior as an intimate experience with them making it an almost irresistible offer.


Pretty much anything you are into has some coverage in movies, magazines, videos, etc. In any case, lightly expose your partner to a bit of that “culture”. Casually comment about an article you read or select a movie that features that type of fetish. Begin to expose them to positive representations of the activities you like as a sort of social proof. Individuals often choose to do what they see other people doing especially when those people enjoy it.


When you introduce your partner to a fantasy or fetish, start SMALL. Don’t bring out the latex suit and full body harness, or the entire clown outfit, on the first night. Ease them into it with a small toy, handcuffs, etc., and then work your way up! Starting small allows your partner time to ease in, adjust and get comfortable, until you get to the whole fantasy.


Sharing your fetish or fantasy with a partner can be a positive and persuasive experience that you don’t have to keep quiet. Desire Resorts offers the perfect environment to make you feel comfortable enough to enjoy your fetish no matter what it may be. Don’t forget to check out our Fantasy Menu, designed to help you and your couple reach erotic ecstasy, for a vacation experience Beyond Seduction…