Burning in Desire with a Sexy Bunny costume

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When you are at Desire, every single thing takes an erotic turn… It is like even the air we breathe has something that turns us on. Then you can imagine what it will be to put yourself into a pair of sexy net thigh high stockings, a super hot corset with the revealing sweetheart neckline and a soft and smooth tail in order to fulfil your couple’s deepest fantasy… Shake that bunny tail all night long and allure him at every second, by knowing all the naughty things you both will live this day.



The craziest fantasies will take place today… A wild tide of hunger will travel through your lover as he stares at you and the world will vanish around you. It is time to make true this hot fantasy, and you’ll have the opportunity to be part of it every week at Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya and Desire Pearl Resort & Spa… Let us put you in the right mood to recreate the lust and sensuality of the most famous mansion in the world and live the Desire…