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Let your fingers do the walking as you and your partner treat yourselves to an erotic massage experience at a Desire Resorts spa exclusive. Erotic massages offer a wealth of sensuality when couples use them as a


The expertise of highly-trained therapists in our intimate Desire Spas, ensures an array of pleasing sensations, where you will be totally in tune not only with yourself but also with your partner.


We know that all of our Desire Fans are curious as to why we have recently changed our image after so many years of success? With our new image and logo we are looking to portray a

Healthy Travel Tips from Dr. Jess

If you’ve visited Desire Resorts, you already know that sex is undeniably hotter while you’re on vacation, but research suggests that travel is also good for your health! A recent study by Expedia collected data from over


MOMENTS OF BURNING DESIRE Just imagine your couple’s oily fingers stroking every inch of your body…your neck, back, chest, legs and more intimate body parts, making you very sensitive to every lingering and sensual touch while you

At Desire Riviera Maya we love to take care of our guests!

So, for those guests that just love to be healthy, now you don’t have to worry about a thing cause we have everything you need to keep your fitness routine at your favorite couples only resort! Enjoy

Being in a relationship has never been so amazing!

Picture yourself living the most romantic and private adventure with your loved one… Discovering together a whole new place full of passion, where the force of attraction seems to be stronger and you two can focus only in

Burning in Desire with a Sexy Bunny costume

When you are at Desire, every single thing takes an erotic turn… It is like even the air we breathe has something that turns us on. Then you can imagine what it will be to put yourself

New Year, new sex life with new fantasies and new friends!

A new touch, a strange breath, unknown sensations… And your couple right there being part of this rare and different experience in which the pleasure takes place and every limit is left behind. The new year welcomes

Pamper yourself at Desire Riviera Maya!

Your perfect vacation at Desire Riviera Maya Resort & Spa can be complemented with the best breakfast ever! Now “El Arrecife” has an incredible menu with a lot of healthy options for those who want to start the

Become a sexplorer and go beyond the erotic!

When the dirtiest thoughts come to your mind, and you remember your favourite kinky moments but suddenly you realise that all that happened a long time ago, or you reached a point that ever your orgasms seem a little bit

What’s hot when sexting?

When it comes to keep alive the passion and playfulness of your sexy moments, there’s no rules… The communication and complicity of you and your couple are unique and it is not like you are going to