Delicious Water Massage


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In the search of new techniques to offer you, this time in our Spa we are introducing the “Water Massage”, we combine the physiological and physical factors to produce the best results with the combination of floating in water to create one of the most fantastic sensations, as it simulates the start of our lives. The performance of this massage is outdoors to combine the warm sun to add a more relaxing experience without sacrificing suntan time.There is no more effective and relaxing treatment available.

At Desire Pearl Resort & Spa, we want you to feel pampered every moment of your stay. So we have implemented our “Water Massage” that will treat your body, mind and soul with the most soothing experience.

Picture yourself relaxing in the water and getting the most delicious tan while you are delicately massaged by expert hands. Now, open your eyes and make it happen only at Desire Pearl.