Deliciously Erotic New Night Themes!

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When the sun comes down, the always deliciously erotic atmosphere of Desire, in 2012, will turn for the wilder with our new night themes and shows, excellent reasons to stay up late.
From Monday to Sunday, at our Melange Lounge and Y Night Club, you will have the opportunity to wear your sexiest attires, steal your partner’s heart and for sure someone else’s. Have the most unforgettable time dancing to the most sensual rhythms and taking part in our contests to later discover a world of forbidden pleasures at our disco.
Either at our HEAVEN & HELL or SAFARI NIGHT, your stay at Desire will feel like the most exhilarating dream in which your deepest desires are revealed and better yet, fulfilled.



THE HALL OF FAME NIGHT: This will be the best excuse for you to embody your favorite sports stars or cheerleaders and compete with best in our Desire Karoeke and other games.


HEAVEN & HELL: Become a seductive, fallen angel or a sweet, redeeming demon. Wear white and/or red and feel the heat of the atmosphere of our clothing optional resort.  This is the night to let our famous Body Painter Achilles cover your body.


THE CANDLES NIGHT: This is the most mystical and deliciously sensual of all.  Spend unforgettable moments with the best live performances of Opera, Pop and Flamenco. To later let the seduction of our traditional Lingerie fashion show.


EMERGENCY 69:  Enjoy the fantasy of being the most sensual couple of  cops, criminals, doctors, nurses, firefighters among others.  The formula for this evening includes live music in the lobby bar, and much more.


HEELS & DEALS: Wear your most sensual outfit as a mobster, cabaret diva, lady of the evening, pimp or just dress to kill. This will be the most glamorous night with a piano bar, our Casino Royal, show and sensual auction.


SAFARI NIGHT:  “Hunters and Preys” will be all together for a night at Desire. Put on you most sensual costume and join us for our  show under the moon and the stars, live music, and amazing beach party.


RIDERS NIGHT: Dedicated to all Rockers in all  expressions, girls, boys, bikers, cowboys or cowgirls midnight, horse riders or steel studs. This is the night to enjoy motorcycles in the motor lobby, live rock bands and dangerously provocative contests.




  1. jolesw

    When do these theme nights go into affect. We will be there February 15-22, is this the theme nights for that time. Still no calendar posted and wanted to start shopping…..thanks !!

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Jolesw, thank you for your post, and yes, our calendar will take effect as of January so for February these are the theme nights you will have. Then, have fun with your shopping and stay tuned!

  2. jonyah

    I guess we need to start over with our shopping as well. At least we have a few months left.

  3. TeamlS

    What nights will your fabulous body-painting artist be there?? I saw a notation that he is there Tuesday. Will he be there Fridays as well or is he cutting down to just one night a week?

  4. ariaamaya

    We are coming the first week of April – are these for the whole year? Thanks!

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Yes, that’s the plan, however, we update the night themes according to the preferences of our guests, so let us know how you like these new night themes and help us make them more of your liking. Thanks!

  5. ariaamaya

    If we are coming April 1st, will they still be the same?


  6. vannasdesire

    We were disappointed that eyes wide shut night will not happening in feb, any chance this will be brought back?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Vannasdesire, we’ll let the Animation Manager of Desire know how you feel about not having the EWS night any more and I’m sure he will be happy to please you. Thank you for writing.

  7. jonyah

    I’ll wait for some feedback from others early this year before complaining too much. I know a lot of people are happy about the changes because they’ve been so often with no changes in the past. For us, it’s our first time and we preferred the original ones. I know you can’t please everyone, so hopefully these work out to be just as good or better than the old ones.

  8. jordin

    we are coming in March, will these be themes for March as well? I’d like to go ahead and order some outfits. Thanks!

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Jordin, yes, these are our nie night themes and we’ll have them for March, unless you are coming for our special event in March. You can check our calendar here. Thank you for your question and keep us posted.

  9. toddandlacey

    We are coming down March 22nd-27th 2012, anyone else going to be there during those dates? We would love to chat before we head down!

  10. Kripp

    We will be coming down on March 24 to 31

  11. OLIVER

    Hi we are coming on march 31 to 6 april we would like to know new couples we are in 50

  12. toddandlacey

    Awesome to hear that you will be down there with us a couple days Kripp. If you would like to chat more before then please feel free to contact us.
    Thanks for the reply!

  13. sexy60964

    We will be there 3/31 – 4/5. Anyone else?

  14. The Squirtinators

    Theme nights have and are always a huge hit at Desire resorts. Every night is an adult Halloween with dancing, alcohol and flirty fun. We know of no other place that 365 nights a year you can find exciting couples chasing an adult fantasy. What are your favorite themes? I am personally always curious about the whole eyes wide shut thing. I mean wearing a mask it is not like we still do not know who you are!! LOL Is it the air of anonymity or the fantasy that with a mask on you are free to do things you would not normally do with out one? Please help me to understand how hiding behind a mask helps you to feel sexier and be more racy? Well, see you in May, Tim & Tammy.

  15. JennyandJeff

    We are looking forward to our first trip to Desire. We will be there Feb 9-13. It sounds like it is going to be an awesome time!

  16. funbags007

    Hi, Kripp, and toddandlacey we will be at desire with another couple march 20-27 and would love to chat or email. Let us know. we are funbags007 on sls.

  17. TexasCR

    Hi Y’all,
    My wife and I plan a trip to Desire in mid April, just for three nights a good getaway. Couple of concerns and questions that I am hoping someone who has been to Desire can clarify. Concerning the lifestyle, we are not into that at all. We love meeting and talking to people, but a committed 100% to each other – is this considered an issue? Next, our ages. I am in my 50’s, my wife is younger. We both are in great shape, I lift weights 4 – 5 times weekly and my wife is active as well. So, what can we expect?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, TexasCR, Desire offers an inhibitions-free atmosphere that also promotes the respect among our guests, so here everybody enjoys the experience they really want to have, and many of our guests are exactly like you guys, so you don’t have anything to worry about, we’re sure you will feel like at home at our clothing optional resort. Keep in touch then.

  18. vannasdesire

    Feb 18th will be our first trip to desire. We’ll be ther through the 25th. Any other sexy couple gonna be there then? We’d love to chat prior. We are on Lifestyle Lounge and Kasidie with the same name.

  19. rigmech

    Hi Guys, making our first trip Feb 9-13 as well, hope to see you there

  20. OLIVER

    Hi sexy60964 says we wil be there almost the same day that you Mar 31 – 7 apr

  21. The Squirtinators

    These are some great new theme nights! Awesome job! We love how the different topics are broad so you can use your imagination not to mention some of the costumes we already have to show your creativity!
    Love the candles idea…. reminds us that passion, romance and intimacy are important and what better place than Desire to find that with each other again! Walking on a moonlit white sand beach, naked, alone with soft sounds of the night mingling with the gentle waves makes loving her/him like the first time a very easy task. Desire was never gone it lives right here waiting for you to discover again! See you in May Tim & Tammy

  22. wideglider

    Wife and i booked Desire Pearl June 30th to July 8th. The website for pearl does not list theme nights, do you know yet what they will be ? Are they the same as what is listed for Desire Riviera Maya ? Thanks

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Wideglider: We’re still working on the theme nights for Desire Pearl, but they’re coming soon, that’s a promise. So stay tuned and let us know what you would like to see happen in our clothing optional resort.

  23. miranda

    We will be arriving tomorrow. The weather forecast doesn’t look too promising for hot and sunny days.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Miranda, thank you for writing. It’s the tropics and bad weather here only means chilled evenings and some rain so you really have nothing to worry about, you will definitely enjoy the sun!

  24. Kripp

    funbags007 have you ever been to desires before

  25. jeno

    We were looking forward to eyes wide shut as well:(. Though I understand it was not everyone’s cup of tea. We’re there feb 25 to march 1 and looking forward to every minute of it!

  26. cheshireset2

    hi we are booked up for start of april for 2 weeks cant wait. Just wondering if men get dressed up for the theme nights? thanks

  27. The Squirtinators

    Men take part in costumes as much or maybe even more than the gals!! Theme nights are a great enhancement to the romantic atmosphere at Desire! Live your fantasy in and out of the bedroom. 90% of great sex is mental and theme nights are a great way to provide the spark that reignites the flame.

  28. jolesw

    We arrive next Wednesday and the weather is calling for rain everyday … February is not usually a rainy month, so not sure why so gloom. Can u tell me if it has been raining daily and it’s unusually rainy there?

  29. JennyandJeff

    WoooooHoooo! Well be there in less than 24 hours and as long as it isn’t snowing we are going to have fun!

  30. cheshireset2

    Thanks for that squirtinator I will keep searching for the outfits x

  31. vannasdesire

    I know that tipping is not expected or required but when we do is the best currency to use US dollars or pesos? Basically is there any reason to exchange for Mexican currency if we do not plan to leave the resort?

  32. marcelo.quero

    April-07 .. 12. Will be the first to Desire. Any other people gonna be there then?

  33. vannasdesire

    Will there be a Mardi Gras theme on Fat Tuesday (Feb 21)?

  34. chonobob

    @vannasdesire..we always tip because the service is spectacular..they are happy to recieve dollars. I wouldn’t bother with currency exchange.

  35. ariaamaya

    We will be there April 1st through the 8th – it is our first trip to Desire – so excited!! I had also heard a lot of great things about the Eyes Wide Shut night and was looking forward to it.

  36. JennyandJeff

    Dont leave the resort, and if you do don’t eat out. I made the mistake and Montezuma had his revenge….Dollars are as good as pesos. The gift shop at the resort takes both as do taxis and shops in town. The exchange rate varrys according to the vendor.

    We had a great time and can’t wait to go back.

  37. OLIVER

    Hi we will be there mar 31 apr 6 any other will be there at this time

  38. fthunt

    We use US dollars.

  39. fthunt

    When we were at Desire in December 2012 you had a professional Yoga instructor. When will she be back?

  40. miranda

    We had some rain and lots of wind but we had another wonderful time at Desire RM!!

  41. wicpl_4_exp

    Hello All! First time couple here just checking in with the group. We will be there from 3/20-3/27. We are traveling with another couple while down there. We are very excitied to experience everything..naughty and nice!! First time going to a resort that is “lifestyle” friendly..Very excitied. Feel free to send an email to chat ahead of time.
    Thanks D&N

  42. Mikat

    sexy60964 & OLIVER …. wooo hoooo more people!! we will be there April 2-10. is anyone else joining the party!!
    Kat & Mike

  43. Mikat

    Hey everyone. We will be at Desire April 2-10. We are having a party at the hot tub!! Who else will be there!

  44. HappyKid

    marcelo.quero swingercast group will be there from march 31 to April 7

  45. OLIVER

    Hi Mikat.

    We will be there at the same time we wolud like to see you there.
    my mail is

  46. OLIVER


    It will be a pleasure to meet you in the desire, if you want to to interchange ideas, please write to my e-mail

  47. EandV

    We arrive 4/14 and stay thru the 19th for our second visit. We are in our early 40’s and would love to hear from anyone else going to Desire at the same time. So far it looks like we might have the place to ourselves!?!?

  48. Mikat

    Hello ariaamaya – you should be excited! It’s great you guys will be there! You will NOT be disappointed! You can reach us at if you have any questions. This is out 6th time back so it’s got to be good. Anyone else want to contact us feel free our email is above.
    Hope to see everyone in the adult paradise! 😉

  49. cheshireset2

    Hi, We are UK couple aged 41 & 34. Will be attending 31st March til 14th April. Really looking forward to the fun & games.
    We now have most of the theme night outfits sorted!!
    If anyone wants to see us we are on Fabswingers & SDC in the UK under the same name.

  50. maserr

    Hi, we are a Brazilian couple, and we Will be in from March 14th to 16th for our first visit to Desire. We would like to know if anybody is planning to be there within the nights we Will be there. Both of us are 40 years old, Fit and good looking.

  51. The Squirtinators

    Theme nights are a great opportunity to pursue the erotic atmosphere that is so exciting At Desire. Take in mind we all like to feel and be seen as sexy and fun men and the ladies. There is just nothing like sitting at the lounge with that unforgettable anticipation of another fun filled night of endless possibilities in front of you, sipping a cocktail, laughing and flirting with new friends. Be as bold or subtle as you want in expressing your personal fantacy with your costume. Don’t be shy. This is the time and the place to rediscover passion, participate in activities, chase a fantasy and explore your inner Desire. Like no place else on earth.

  52. pointwave

    Can you please give an idea of what the candles theme night would look like as far as costumes please? Having a difficult time picturing that one. Thanks for the help.

  53. frank12271

    What time is the fashion show and other entertainment?

  54. jdnkd

    Good evening! We’ll be at Desire from May 28th – June 3rd. If you’ll be there during this time, reach out and say hello. We’re in our mid forties, fit and considered very attractive by most (but you be the judge). Counting down the days.


    P.S. Please bring back naughty school girl night. Thanks!

  55. charp1965

    Do the April 16th week schedule is available at this time. We want to be prepared for the themes. Thanks

  56. Midwestcpl

    We are going to be at Desire in 3 days…we are waxed and ready! Hope to see some other great people that played last year at the same time! Looking forward to the new nghts…lots of fun!

    Donna and Alan

  57. The Squirtinators

    Hey jdnkd !! Wear your naughty schoolgirl outfit with a bandage on your knee on emergency 69 night and ask for medical attention!! LOL My guess is you will get plenty from all the doctors and sexy nurses in attendance!! LOL

  58. Fitcouple

    What will be the theme night for week of August 26 , 2012

  59. joseBlanca

    hi lokimg a couple to share the nigth 38 years we are