Deliciously Erotic Nights at Desire

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Deliciously Erotic Nights at Desire
When the sun comes down, the always deliciously erotic atmosphere of Desire, our clothing optional resort in Cancun, turns for the wilder with our theme nights and shows that are excellent reasons to stay up late.
From Monday to Sunday, at our Melange Lounge you will have the opportunity to wear your sexiest attires, steal your partner’s heart and for sure someone else’s. Have the most unforgettable time dancing to the most sensual rhythms and taking part in our contests to later discover a world of forbidden pleasures at our disco.
Either at our Black Ties and High Heels, Eyes Wide Shut Night or at our Lingerie Fashion show, your stay at Desire will feel like the most exhilarating dream in which your deepest desires are revealed and better yet, fulfilled.

  1. angelendiablado

    Hola! Alguien que hable español ?

    • moderator

      Hola, Angelendiablado:
      Sí, claro, podemos contestarte en español si tienes alguna duda, nuestra página está en español también, y muy pronto tendremos la versión en español de nuestro blog. No dudes en seguir escribiéndonos y acuérdate que puedes compartir tus fotos con nosotros.

  2. desireindy

    Just a quick comment to praise management at Desire with their Melange bar entertainment….it has improved in the past couple years! The Funk dancers are wonderful, the music has been very good and the sexy lingerie contest definitely gets the crowd in the mood to party up in the disco. Gracias y nos vemos pronto!

    • moderator

      Hi, Desireindy:
      Thank you for your words, we’re so glad you enjoyed the time at Desire and looking forward to seeing you back.



    • Hola de nuevo Jose Luis,
      Nos da mucha alegría escuchar tus excelentes comentarios. Estaremos al pendiente de tus fotografías.

  4. jali


  5. abdulcito

    Un lugar fuera de lo común, para disfrutar al máximo, ningún lugar como este en México.

  6. Candyman

    I just found this resort online and I have to say it seems like an amazing place to visit. I am planning a trip in November or December.

    • Hi Candyman, Thank you for subscribing and leaving a post! Desire is certainly the couples only Resort that you want to visit to make those secret desires come true. Check our events calendar to find a good time to come:

  7. kayjim

    Have been to Desire several times and the resort was great. Looking forward to going back.

    • Hello Kayjim!
      Thank you for subscribing and posting your comments about Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya. Are there any exiting stories and/or photos that you would like to share with us?

  8. knocknboots

    We will be arriving July 31 and leaving on the 7th of August. We noticed that the theme nights will be changing midweek. Does anyone know what the new theme nights will be? We were really, really looking forward to Eyes Wide Shut night. Hopefully, that will still be planned. It was so EROTIC!!! F and D

    • Dear knocknboots,

      Thank you for subscribing and posting to Desire Blog. I have sent the latest activites program to your mail box. Keep posting!

  9. knocknboots

    which mailbox did you send it to? D

  10. knocknboots

    I got…..thanks!

  11. azcouple

    We are arriving July 24-31. We were wondering if there are any large groups or takeovers at that time

    • Hello azcouple,
      Thank you for posting into our Desire bog. We do have a very small group of 15-20 couples coordinated by NFN Travel arriving from California. They will be here from July 25th through August 1st.
      Looking forward to seeing you here!

  12. dukieduke

    So…is eyes wide shut still running????

  13. teji

    We show up 21 August for a week. Last year you could reserve a palapa for $100 for the week. Is that good deal still in effect? Also, does anyone have the map showing room numbers and locations? We would like to request a specific building?

    • Hello teji,

      I have sent your enquiry to our Desire guest service staff. I CC you on the mail, you should receive a response from them. Thank you and keep posting!

  14. sha

    will we still get to experience the Eyes wide shut night?….
    Dukie..if you still want to connect there.. i think ive found a friend to share..

  15. dukieduke

    I want you, sha.
    But a friend is OK too.

  16. sha

    Dukie… if you are to be arriving the same day.. we could meet up in the airport… Love would be ‘close’ to the friend i was speaking of… perhaps you could have just me at some point…. that is very appealing….

  17. dukieduke

    sha, this is sounding better all the time. Ok I will still go. But only if you make good on the “perhaps”. Is your friend still available? And would she mind if we shared you and your love at some point? Not every night, but is she also willing to experiment with others?

  18. neil

    My husband and I are booked to go in mid-December. Can anyone tell us what the weather is like at that time (storm season)…if the restaurants offer a vegetarian diet…, and have the nightly activities changed or are they as listed on the website? Oh, do we need to bring snorkelling equipment or is it supplied? Is Mid December typically a high or a low occupancy at the resort? Are the “Eyes wide shut” masks available for purchase? Do they still have striptease lessons available at that time?
    Thank you.

  19. bill_moica

    Hi there
    We’re planning for one week stay at Desire Resort and looking forward for the theme nights. Any costumes recomandations for the DJ party or leather nights ?

  20. sha friend is willing to experiment …we all are… and once i say im going to do something.. i always come through…looking forward to that time…

  21. dukieduke

    sha: OK. How about we all meet at the airport in Cancun around 11:00 AM on the 8th? I am not going to waste the extra hotel space. Your friend can stay with me. Rebound sex can be great.

  22. Gerardo

    Que tal

  23. Gerardo

    Hola somos una pareja Mexicana buscando parejas que hablen español para compartir comentarios acerca de Desire y todo lo que ahi se vive

  24. sunluvers

    How are the night themes, are they as posted on the web site or are they changed, we need to know to dress accordingly?

    Thank you.

    • Hello sunluvers,
      Click here to go to the link of the activities program to answer your question! Thanks for posting!

  25. vablondie

    Are the themes for the disco changing as it’s now August? I know they changed last year and i was caught off guard.

  26. lazcarraga

    Hi there! I am planning a trip there from wedenesday sep 8th to monday sep 13th, 5 nights total, and I want to know what are the theme nights for the nights we want to be there. Thanks!

    • Hello lazcarraga,
      We work on a weekly basis activities program, therefore I can probably share with you what our activitites look like on our latest up date, but they may vary with slight changes by the time you stay with us. Look for the activites program posted in the Blog. We try to post it at least once a week.

  27. sha

    dukieduke… rebound sex?……maybe my friend and i will trade off… i would be willing to comfort you…and that time sounds great….

  28. sha

    can anyone let me know what is on offer as far as activities go when the weather is questionable?… been looking at the forecast… doesnt look good for sun…
    Dukie.. in response to your comment on july 18th… you can have me…

    • Valentina

      Hello sha,
      Depending on your arrival. Today the weather has been looking great. When it rains, we have a special activities program that takes place at the disco.
      Hope the weather stays wonderful.

  29. morene

    My wife and I are booked to go in mid-December. Is anybody else going in December (Have you been before)?
    Can anyone tell us what the weather is like at that time (storm season.
    if the restaurants offer a vegetarian diet.
    Have the nightly activities changed or are they as listed on the website?
    Oh, do we need to bring snorkelling equipment or is it supplied?
    Is Mid December typically a high or a low occupancy at the resort?
    Are the “Eyes wide shut” masks available for purchase?
    Do they still have striptease lessons available at that time?
    Sorry, still getting used to this blog…my wife was typing these questions the first time under my login and it may have sounded like we were two men, but we are not. 🙂
    Thank you.

    • Valentina

      Hello Morene

      Thank you very much for your comments. The weather in December is very nice. By this time rainy season will be over. Regarding vegetarian diets, we offer different options in each restaurant, such as pasta, salads and more. In case that you have any special requests, our chef will do his best to fulfill your expectations.
      So far, the activities program still remains the same just as publish on the website. Probably we will add more activities and change others, so please ask us again in two or three more weeks. Otherwise, we will be posting activities every week.
      We have a water sports section where we provide snorkel equipment, please, contact Leo or Alfredo by the beach area, next to Coconut bar.
      For the “Eyes wide shut” night, masks and cloaks are for sale at the Logoshop. Also, activities team will be providing those at the lobby on Wednesday night.

      If there is anything you may need, do not hesitate to contact us. Have a wonderful afternoon.

  30. CuriousTXcpl

    Wife and I will be there again tomorrow and wanted to know if the theme nights had changed. They looked the same as last year but she wanted me to confirm. Could you please send me the ‘Themes’ for this week? We will be there for a short but exciting time from August 4 through the 8th (Wednesday to Sunday). Thanks! Can’t wait to get there!!!!!!

  31. sha

    Valentina.. thanks for your reply… fingers crossed that the sun keep shining!!! i will be arriving the 8th….and i am very much looking forward to my experience of Desire!!!

  32. cant_wait

    Hello! Can you post the activities program for the week of August 23rd? Much appreciated!

    • Hello cant_wait,

      I will ask our Activities staff if they can give us a slight glimpse of the activities for that week. however rest calm as the activities program has slight changes only during the day time activitites. We up date the program on the Blog only one week in advance.

  33. sha

    This was the MOST amazing resort you could EVER go to… every member of staff were wonderful….i will never forget my time there.. and hope someday to return…
    There was ALWAYS something for everyone… met so many great people..and im sure that is a common trend….. all of the guests were friendly and could you not meet people?…
    The 2 of us have nothing but great things to say about Desire….. a place that wont leave our minds for awhile!!!..for anyone that is heading there soon.. just throw yourself into the activities.. you will have the time of your life!!!!

  34. miranda

    Can you give us some more information on the week that the Eroluna group is there in November 18 – 28 and how we can become involved in their activities – Casino Royale, Gala Night, Eyes Wide Shut, White Lounge, Gala Night, etc.

    If we can’t be involved in their “Moments”, what is offered? Thanks!

  35. bamaman

    Me and the wife are going to a resort in Cancun. We want to try Desire out, what is the best way for us to get from our resort to Desire? TIA

    • Hello bamaman8!
      Thank you for your interest in Desire Resort Riviera Maya. I guess your question involves 2 answers:
      1. How to get there? click here: location
      2. How to stay at Desire. get in contact with to find out what are your options. You will most probably (and recomended too) have to stay one night.
      Stay around and thanks for posting!

  36. sha

    Is there anyway that i could get in touch with the Activities staff?.. i would like to thank them for a wonderful time and great laughs!!!!!…. All Those girls..Vanessa, Brenda, and Diana.. did a fantastic job.. they are VERY good at what they do…… Thanks Girls you were GREAT!!!!!

    • I will have the activities Manager get in contact with you! Thank you for sharing your great experience with us!

  37. cjnpa

    for “Neil”…thanks so much for the questions you asked! We will be at Desire (first timers) at a similar time (12/12-12/19), and had exactly the same questions—even the food question! Would love to chat with you folks…not sure how to reach you within this blog…our e-mail is Also would like to hear from anyone else going when we will be there

  38. miranda


  39. sunluvers

    We are going to Desire September 23-29. the activity night are still the same?

  40. rlcfuncpl

    I had a couple questions and tried to email, but it appears this is not a valid email address. Could you please let us know the correct one?

  41. oldseadog

    There seems to be confusion over “themes” and “activities”.
    Am I right in thinking that “activities” during the day can change from week to week but evening “themes” are fixed until further notice?

    • Hi oldseadog!

      This is such a great question!. Activities during the day may vary depending on weather and people´s mooth, every 15 days. Theme nights are fixed and do not change until further notice. Keep posting!

  42. ps1hotcouple

    Hello…we will be at Desire Oct 17-22. Anyone going at that time can contact us at Love to chat before arriving.

  43. mayberry

    We are going to be at Desire Cancun Oct 22-29 during week 43. Could you elaborate as to what “week 43” is? Also, I noticed in one of your blog responses you said for eyes wide shut nite that cloaks were for sale. Are they for loan as well or sale only? We are soooo excited about comming to Desires for our 1st time 🙂

    • Hello mayberry,

      Welcome to Desire Blog. What exactly do you mean by “elaborate week 43?” Sorry, our english is not that advanced. As per your question regarding cloaks, we do have both options: you can either buy them at our Boutique, and you can borrow them from us just for the show time. We will have them ready for the guests at the Lobby.

      Thanks for posting!

    • Hello mayberry, CLG was helpful and gave me a good answer regading week 43. Now, what kind of information doyou requiere about 43 week group?

  44. CLG


    Week 43 is the name of a group that travels to Desire during the 43rd week of the year.

    • Hi CLG,

      Thanks for your help! That way I can provide a correct answer!

  45. mayberry

    I think that answers most of the questions. Thanks to both of you. Would the group week 43 consist of mainly repeat visitors or newcommers to Desires?I guess any information about the group would be interesting. Just curious and Thanks!

    • Dear mayberry and miranda,

      To get a more personalized answer for your queries regarding jacuzzi policies, restaurants reservations as well as group details and dress codes, please send an e-mail to with these and any other questions that you may have. Thanks for keeping us alive with the Blog!

    • Desire Guest Service

      Hello mayberry.
      Do you have any chance to contact Week 43 host couple? I´m sure they can provide lots of information about this group. If not, please send me a private email to the following address and I will see the way to put you through them:

      Have a wonderful weekend! Regards.

  46. miranda

    Desire Resort – is the rooftop jacuzzi going to be closed to the specific group on November 25th or will it be open to anyone and everyone who is going to be there at that time.

    • Desire Guest Service

      Hi miranda

      For that specific night, we will have an special event for the group. As you mentioned, will take place at the rooftop jacuzzi and is going to be open for all guests.
      The dress code will be: sexy white.


  47. rlcfuncpl

    We will be at Desire Oct 11-18. Is there anyone else that would be interested in Scuba Diving? Also, at the hotel, is there a way to find out others that may be interested in SCUBA during that time as well? We are also interested in snorkeling excursions if anyone is interested 🙂

    • Desire Guest Service

      Hello rlcfuncpl

      For sure! Once you get at Desire, go by the towel center and ask for Manolo. He will provide any information regarding tours such as snorkelling, scuba diving, mayan ruins, atv´s, etc. I´m sure that we can make an announcement by the pool area inviting the rest of the guest to join you on that adventurous experience!

      Thank you very much for posting!

  48. gizmo

    mayberry, we joined the week43 yahoo group and it looks like many are repeaters, but many, like us are first timers.

  49. mayberry

    gizmo, how do you do that? I would love to get in on it and find out more and meet more people. Thanks for the info!

  50. miranda

    Thanks for your response, Desire Resort! I will contact the guest services with my questions.

  51. gizmo

    mayberry, search internet for Yahoo Week43 Group

  52. miranda

    Thanks for the info, Desire Guest Service! Looks like a fun time and I guess I’ll have to go get something white! LOL!

  53. mayberry

    Thanks Desire Guest Services for your response. Yes, I sent the week 43 host couple an email and they will be confirming with Desires our reservation so we may join their group postings.
    Also, will the theme nights be as currently listed for the dates we will be there of Oct 22-Oct 30? I noticed you don’t have activites posted that far out and we are trying to plan for the trip. You’ve been very helpfull thus far and thank you!!

    • Hello mayberry, Stay Allert by tuesday we will up date our activities calendar for the next 2 weeks.

  54. Lalo Aviles


    • Queridos “Sandra y Paul”, “Lalo Aviles” & “Serymar”:
      Tenemos nuevos integrantes de habla hispana a nuestro Club de Desire! Nos gustaría solicitar de su contribución compartiendo un poco de su experiencia en Desire para invitar y orientar a “Zorro” acerca de Desire Resort & Spa. haciendo click aqui: “2nd Desire Take Over” .
      ¡Muchas gracias por compartir!

  55. malecr

    Hola Desirecoholics — mi pareja y yo llegamos el martes 19 saliendo el domingo 24. En diciembre estuvimos en Temptation. Primera vez en Desire y bueno… esperando que el clima no nos juegue una mala pasada. —-saludos, Mario

  56. rashed

    if i am single then how can i get partner?

    • Hello rashed:

      This is a couples only resort. get a partner, then come to Desire!

    • Hello Rashed!
      Desire is a couples only resort. However, the good news are that we also have Temptation Resorts, our adults only & topless optional resorts where singles, couples and groups can find this place the perfect spot to make new friends! Check it out: click here

  57. czmmiguel

    hola alguien que vaya para noviembre

  58. CXNDEO

    hola nosotros deseamos ir en diciembre pero es la primera vez, alguien nos puede dar tips ?

  59. Nikki

    Considering Desire for our second trip in 16 years. I am a little apprehensive or shy, what ever you may call it but still very excited to experience this atmosphere. We went to Hedo III last year for a visit while staying at Runaway Bay and we loved the atmosphere and it wasn’t long before we settled in. What a feeling! We’ve done a lot of looking at this resort , pictures and some stories. It sounds fantastic. I think we are throwing around a few dates to see when the best time to come would be. Anything you would like to share would be most welcomed. Thanks.

  60. vivaroma

    ciao a tutti
    stiamo a desire dal 26 al 30 de ottobre,abbracci

  61. smwhitt

    Hi Nikki sounds like you and yours are really close and should have no trouble settling in with the people here. Enjoy and let go.

  62. kimbrett

    Hi, we are arriving on Wednesday afternoon and I was just wondering if it is still possible to be involved in the Eyes Wide Shut ceremony? I doubt we are brave enough at this point but you never know after a few beverages!

  63. stgsow

    Hola, nuestra promera vez en Desire, enero 17 llegamos, alguine en esa fecha? mail, nos vemos!!

  64. stgsow

    Hola, nuestra primera vez en Desire, enero 17 llegamos, alguien en esa fecha? mail, nos vemos!!

  65. kimbrett

    I guess I should have said we are arriving Wednesday afternoon on Jan12/2011. Is it too late to get involved in the EWS ceremony being the same day? We are first timers to Desire and aren’t sure of the process. I doubt we’ll be that brave on the first day but we still have 2 months to gather our nerve!

  66. miranda

    I don’t think you will be too late. From what I recall, they chose and/or asked folks who wanted to be part of the ceremony that evening – or even during the day. I think you could ask any of the entertainment staff to include you in it.

  67. parbal

    Hola a tod@s:
    Nos puede alguien explicar (parejas o el moderador) un poco en qué consiste la noche EWS? estaremos allí la primera semana de Enero. Parejas de habla hispana que estén por allí esas fechas?

    • originalResorts

      Hola parbal, ¡Bienvenidos!

      En la ceremonia de Eyes Wide Shut tratamos de reproducir una parte de la pelicula “Ojos bien cerrados”, es una de nuestras noches más popupares en Desire. Los detalles definitvamente no te los podemos decir, ¡LOS TIENES QUE VIVIR! De eso se trata Desire. Te esperamos en Enero.

  68. swinglish

    December 31st, 2010, Friday, is there a special dress theme that evening or do you stick to the lingerie theme? Also, will Saturday evening, January 1st, be the leather and skin night theme, or will it change because of the holiday?

    • Hello swinglish:
      The night theme for the celebration of New Year’s Eve on Friday December 31 is “Millionaires and Showgirls,” The host will be” Tony Stark” and our guests are expected to be either their favorite character of all times or just put on the most sophisticated outfit in that category, wearing jewelry, costumes, tuxedos, hats, feathers, etc., There will be a Fashion show and the best costumes will be awarded with wonderful prizes.
      The lingerie show will take place on Wednesday, December the 29th, at the night of the “Five Senses” when the dress code will be Lingerie and Masks. Our program for New Year’s Eve at Desire tells you the dress codes for each night, check it out and be prepared for the most delicious, erotic parties of your life.

      Click here to read more about our special events

  69. tiedandtasty


    We arrive on Sat 1st Jan 2011, what is arranged for that night being New Years Day ,will it be a normal Saturday program or will it be something different,also will the rest of the week from 1st Jan till 8th Jan be the usual weekly program.
    Looking forward to our visit.

    Hayley and Frank


    • Hello tiedandtasty,
      Welcome to our Desire Blog! We post our activities program with 2 weeks in advance. so before arriving check again the blog and click on the main menu “activities program” to find out by then. Thank you for blogging.

  70. lapaz

    What happened to the EWS event on Wednesday the 29th??

  71. welovedesire

    Hi there, we are (40/33) are planning a trip to Desire Jan 20-25, 2011. Are there any other couples of our age planning to be there in the same period of time ?

  72. kimbrett

    Just wondering if the nightly themes have changed at all for January. We’ll be there next week and just wanted to make sure we are prepared. The activity schedule was last updated Dec 13th…..

    • Happy New Year kimbertt,

      You can now check our up dated activities program. Thank you for posting!

  73. sgandy

    Hi welovedesire…… Stephen and Shannon 37/35. we will be there 1/20 – 1/27! Nervous and excited for our first trip!

  74. kimbrett

    Thanks! See you in a week!

  75. stgsow

    Este domingo llegamos, nuestra primera vez en Disere

  76. shayne

    Hi, we came in 2009, all the way from Australia, it’s a long flight but the magic of Desire is bringing use back in March 2011. This is the best resort we have been to. If I can recommend anything to first timers it’s to try the body painting. If anyone reading this is on their way in March-April we will see you on the dance floor.

  77. randa5169


    We will see you there!!! We will be there April 5-11. Looking forward to fun in the sun.

  78. bond301060

    Greetings. We are planning for our first visit to desire March 25 – 31, 2011 and cannot wait. Can you please confirm if some of the evening events are changirng? I have read a few comments Leather Night is going to Thursday Night and being replaced by another event. As we will be there for only 6 nights and Thursday night is the only night we will miss, we want to make sure we are packing the right clothes for the evening events. Next time we will stay 7 nights and not have to worry about it =O)

    • Guest Service Manager

      Hello bond301060,

      Thank you very much for posting. Starting this week we are going to have Leather Night on Thursday and Saturday will be Tropical and Sexy Night. The rest of our activities program will be the same. However, please keep conected to our Blog because we are updating very important info!
      Looking forward to meeting you soon. Best regards!

  79. sandropurata

    Hola a todos. Estaremos en Desire la ultima semana de Mayo. Alguna pareja que hable español que tenga planes de ir en esa fecha? Nuestro correo:
    Nos gustaría conocer amigos y disfrutar juntos la increíble experiencia que se vive en Desire. Saludos de Esme y Sandro

  80. Juan carlos

    Hola somos una pareja que estaremos en Desire entre el 7 y el 14 de Junio de 2011 , nos gustraia contactar a algunas parejas que hablen español y que esten en esa fecha , nuestro correo es
    Ojala nos contacten por esa via , nos vemos pronto

    Cariños Juan Carlos Y fran

  81. wazoo

    Hi all we are coming faor our first time April 10 for days from downunder Australia if anyone is going to be there at that time let us know and we can get to know someone before we get there

  82. Lalo Aviles


  83. OLIVER


    Nosotros estaremos del 16 al 23 de Abril, nos gustaria conocer amigos, alguien se apunta

  84. MARIO

    Ola Lalo.
    Somos brasileiros e estaremos de 12 Á 10 de maio.
    Talvez possamos nos encontrar.

  85. M and B

    hi wazoo,

    when are you coming we are there from 18th to 22nd april

  86. bkvaran

    We are a norwegian couple. We will arrive at the og april and stay until the 25th. We like to make new friends and hopefully have a good time with you all.Nosotros Hablamos tambien un poquito de espanol.

  87. deuce7173

    We will be coming for our first visit to Desire the last week in June. We know the nightly entertainment and themes but when we are there you are advertising a Jungle fever weekend. My question is this .. Is that for special visiting group or something like that or do these theme nights take the place of your original planned theme nights for everyone? in other words, if we come June 23-30, then do we totally miss schoolgirl, leather, and lingerie nights?

    • Hello deuce7173, Welcome to our Blog and thank you for posting. About your question, you should know we do host several special events during the year, for that reason our night themes change to become even more spectacular and fun so yes, you’re right, the night themes you are familiar with will be substituted by our Jungle Fantasy Nights. The idea behind is for our guests to make all of their fantasies come true and to take them in a surreal journey to a world of pleasures and desires fulfilled. We’re sure you will enjoy these night themes we have prepared for you and please don’t hesitate to write if you have more concerns about activities and services here, we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

  88. mtycpl

    we are planning our 4 visit to paradise, to Desire may 25 to 30 , can not wait,
    we are looking foward for have fun and make new friends to have fun togheter
    Nos gustaria conocer parejas que visiten Desire este prox mayo de 25 a 30 para hacer buenos amigos y pasarla rico
    nuestro msn y correo es
    saludos y nos vemos alla

  89. javivero


    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hola, Javivero: Sí, con gusto ya los enviamos a su correo y de cualquier forma les recuerdo que pueden ver los programas de entretenimiento en nuestra página, sólo tienen que ir al siguiente enlace.
      Gracias por su interés y los veo pronto.

  90. joana

    We are a couple who were last year, and match the tracks with the previous year. Layers below the women wear corsets, or sexy lingerie catsuits … any better, but not everyone wears layers. We will put this year not in the suitcase. On the night of white dresses, shirts, lingerie of the same color, is rather simple. What I recommend is to choose what we like about our special closet so we feel more comfortable.I hope you will help

  91. Angelicap431

    Hello, somebody can send us pictures of different activities?
    Hola, pueden enviarme fotos de las actividades del desire?
    we are making an album we were there last year

  92. Angelicap431

    sorry i forgot my email…

  93. atlantis

    Hi, we are a couple that will be making our 2nd trip to Desire 5/31-6/06/2011. We had the time of our lives last year and can’t wait for this trip. Ages 43/40 however left feeling like we were both 21 again. We went to Desire last year to celebrate our 20th anniversary and met several other great couples while we were there,tried several new things ,and look forward to trying new things again with the right people. Not into the swinging/swapping but are always interested in more.We both set ground rules that we will enjoy everything as a couple. However we did let the wife spend some quality time with 2 other females as I got to watch and enjoy. The shower and hot tub scenes were the best. We only spent 3 days so had very little time to enjoy all Desire had to offer. We did have the his and hers massages and yes there were happy endings for both of us. We sat back and watched the EWS night activities and wished we had participated. We will be first on line this time. We are interested to find any other couples that will be going on the same dates, as you that have gone previously know that meeting people is half the battle. We haven’t even been yet this year and are already planning for our next trip to Desire for 2012 with couples we met in 2010 for Memorial Day weekend 2012. Look forward to hearing from you .

  94. lapaz

    Will be coming for our second time between Christmas and New Years. We have wanted to attend the EWS event but you canceled it last year and I see that you canceled it again this year. Why do you cancel it during the holidays every year???

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Lapaz, it’s so great that you are coming during the holidays to Desire. Let me tell you that we want everybody to be surprised and delighted with every second you guys spend at our clothing optional resort and we’re sure that the night themes we have planned for those dates will be really special and you will love them. However, we have passed on your comment to our Activities and Entertainment Manager and he explained that he will do the best to still have a ceremony in your capes and masks the night of December 28th. Only if most of the guest wish it so. So this is only good news, right? Lapaz. Let’s start getting prepared for these fun nights at Desire!

  95. lovelylatina409

    Any way to get a sneak peek at the events 6/27 – 7/1? I wil be arriving soon and would like to bring all appropriate costumes/dress up? Any school girl activities?? Thanks

  96. tperkins

    To Blog Editor:

    My wife and I have booked our first ever trip to Desire (Riviere Maya). We booked five nights starting Aug 18th. If I am correct, that is during your ganster theme, plus and extra night. We’d like to have some suggestions about what to wear during those theme nights. I’m sure people don’t wear the same outfits each night. The gangster theme woiuldn’t have been our first choice…think it is kind of a tough theme to be that sexy with (but, I’m sure we will be proven wrong). We never looked at the theme for tht week until after we booked the dates (as they were the only dates that we could make work before my wife begins law school the next weekend).

    We also like to know what the theme will be on our last night there, which will be Monday, Aug 22. We were hoping to catch a WES night, or naughty school girl night or even a lingerie night. We would like to plan for that evening as well.

    thank you in advance for your help…

  97. tperkins

    To: Blog Editor,

    We know the theme for Aug 18th-Aug 21 is ganster’s paradise. Our question is, what type of events will be going on each night with the ganster’s paradise theme…

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, tperkins, the idea is for you to feel transported to the era of Al Capone, so you can expect lots of sensual and exciting moments. A must will be our gangsters and showgirls costume contest. And here we have our full program so you can have a better idea on what it’s going to be like.

  98. tperkins

    My wife and I are traveling to Desire (Riviera Maya) for the first time for 5 nights, ariving the afternoon of Thursday, August 18th and flying Tuesday monring August 23.

    We are hoping to find others on line that might be attending during that same time period… Please let us know…

  99. yucafun

    lovelylatina409… Did you enjoy your time, we were there also and thought the energy was great. Maybe we met while there/

  100. blcll

    Hi Tperkins we will be there August 21 to 28. You can buy us a welcome drink at the hot tub bar.

  101. tperkins

    Hi blcll, will be glad to. Is this your first time to Desire? Tell us a little about yourselves. Where from, ages,etc…

  102. north51

    We are returning for our 5th trip August 20 – 27. Hopefully, we’ll avoid any violent storms during our stay.

  103. osar

    Hola alguien que me pueda platicar de sus experiencias en Desire Riviera, voy a estar el 09abr12.

  104. Steamboat

    Last time I visited I was not prepared as well as I could have been with the Themed events. The Nightly activities listed don’t even have a description and that they could change. How is a girl to know how to dress for the party? Guess earrings and a smile will do. Can you tell me if there is anything Different scheduled for the takeover starting this Saturday through Easter? Thanks

  105. The Squirtinators

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  106. Midwestcpl

    Gangster Night…easy, for the men wear a bow tie, vest with no shirt and tight black pants or even a g string if you are bold…go for it!

    We attended in April..a blast..more men need to get into the themes!

  107. Rabbit_Couple

    We are booked to arrive at Desire Cancun on Dec 20th and will depart on XMAS day… That will be a bummer. Would like to now what themes will be going on for those evenings. My wife really got into the themes last year but did not know what to expect. The 22nd is my birthday so I am sure she’ll have another great surprise!!

  108. tperkins

    Going to be back at desire sept 20th to the 27th. See the theme nights have changed since last year. The special events calendar shows an event beginning on sept 24th, but the info in it still says “coming soon.” would love to know what that event will be????

  109. tina

    Could you please tell me what the theme for beach party night is? I’ve seen Hunters and pray & coustomes night not sure which it is??