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Have you and your couple ever fantasized about “food play”? Have you ever considered eating your way to better sex? Desire Resorts invites you to turn up the heat when you eat between the sheets, with these titillating taste sensations.

Our Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort Fantasy Menu offers, “Deliciously Erotic”, including the following stimulating, edible ingredients, that will take you and your couple Beyond Seduction…

Chocolate: Induces a stage of euphoria and excitation, by turning on the brain’s pleasure nuclei, ultimately boosting your sex drive.

Strawberries: Are incredibly high in anti-oxidants which optimize blood flow to the sex organs, and due to their low glycemic count, they provide sustained energy levels.

Whipped cream: Makes sex more dynamic, due to the endless possibilities for its’ use. Try using a blindfold to increase the element of surprise.

As you can see, one of the easiest and most delicious ways to rev up your sex life, is adding some of your favorite edible ingredients.

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