Deliciously Mexican

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Discover the flavors of Mexico

Now Desire Pearl Resort & Spa Riviera Maya has a surprise that will surely delight your palate. With tantalizing dishes that invite you to discover the flavors of Mexico, we are inviting you to enjoy  everything you love about Mexican Cuisine in just one meal.

Complex as any of the great cuisines in the world,  Traditional Mexican Cuisine is created mostly with ingredients native to Mexico such as corn and chili peppers, native ingredients include tomatoes, squashes, avocados, cocoa and vanilla, and tropical fruits such as guava, prickly pear, zapote, mangoes, bananas, pineapple and cherimoya (custard apple), including ingredients not generally used in other gastronomies like edible flowers, vegetables as huauzontle. And we can’t forget to mention the influence of Europe after the Spanish conquest that complements the exotic flavors of Precolombinan cuisine with products such as pork, chicken, beef, cheese, herbs and spices and other types of fruits.


Mexican Cuisine with the touch of Desire Pearl

Yes, we want you to enjoy all of these tastes with the sensual touch of Desire Pearlin a 6-course gourmet meal because we can’t forget the aphrodisiac properties of the elements of our Mexican Cuisine such as cocoa, peppers and avocados. So just for your delight we have come up with all deliciously Mexican fusion dishes from all over the country that include our amazing Chicken Tortilla Soup, Pineapple Black Beans Enchiladas, our Handmade, Spicy Guacamole and Salsas, and last but not least our Tres Leches Cake or Flan.

Shots of Tequila are Deliciously Mexican

This time you will really get the chance to taste Real Mexican Food, that along the guide of our very own Tequila sommelier will lead you with our Chef in a real Mexican culinary journey. Come and taste these new dining choices along many other new features in our day to day food and beverage service, only at Desire Pearl Resort & Spa.

Mexican Cuisine at Desire Pearl