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With the opening of our new Desire Pearl Resort & Spa, many changes have been done. We want you to be surprised with all the new people we are welcoming . One of them is the new staff, we all know that you have made a very close relation with our staff, but do not worry; you will still see all of them.
This time we want to introduce to you an extremely important member of the staff, everyone is very important, but when it comes to satisfy your senses our Chef is a key player, therefore we would like to welcome our new Executive Chef Sergio Picazo.

Sergio joined the selected group of collaborators at Desire Resort with the sole purpose of exceeding the expectations of its already high number of repeat guests and new customers. Sergio who has a strong international background and has worked in largest hotel companies and Restaurants in many countries is already adding his touch and creating new and delicious menus, which will surely be a pleasant surprise for our guests.