New Desire Experience

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Try this new Desire Experience

As of June, Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya we want to fulfill your Desire for new tastes and moments with us,  inviting you to experience a new delicious, lunch experience with us. If you are always content with that excellent steak cooked to order, well stocked bar and friendly service that you can find at Tentazione.  Now if you are looking for meals other than what is being served on the buffet, then ask for a specialty of the house. We are offering a distinct à la carte menu that is carefully prepared by our chef.

The Irrisistable Tentazione

Yes, at Desire Resort we will implement a more complete and delicious lunch experience at noon so that you will have two totally different options at the same restaurant Tentazione: an à la carte international menu, you may order from. The second option is a delicious buffet with snacks and a variety of Mexican & Tex-Mex dishes, a salad bar, and of course if you prefer so, you can combine both.

Here at Tentazione, we offer you great tasting, hearty meals, and prepare every recipe with quality ingredients like USDA choice steak and roast beef, center-cut pork chops, chicken tenderloin, fresh fish, fruit and vegetarian options.

Feel free to prepare yourself the healthiest salad, rest assured that at Tentazione you will find the ingredients that will tempt your senses without losing their nutritional values. You can also order a sandwich that comes with made-from-scratch ingredients and is served between seared sourdough or wheat bread and a sampling of vegetables of your choice.

Keep Enjoying our Deliciously Erotic Resort

This way we seek to improve the service to our clients and we can increase the variety of dishes combining quality and quantity. We want you to have the option to enjoy everything from a simple plate of nachos with cheese to a gourmet dish while enjoying this wonderful place that overlooks our amazing beach and pool so that you don’t have to miss any of the action that is so characteristic of our clothing optional resort.

You can also choose to indulge in a glass of wine along. Highlights from the menu include new tantalizing creations such as Tuna steak with dill sauce or Shrimp skewers with a Mango sauce.

So what are you waiting for to come to enjoy this new Desire experience that will surely delight all of your senses in every bite?

Tentazione Desire Experience