Desire Resorts Partners with Dr. Jess!

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World-renowned relationship expert and best-selling author, Jessica O’Reilly, has signed on as Desire Resorts’ official sexologist. You may know Dr. Jess from Playboy TV’s Swing, ABC Spark’s Love Trap or from the pages of Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and Men’s Fitness, but she is also a huge fan of Desire Resorts.


Jessica reveals: “This is one of the most exciting collaborations for the Sex With Dr. Jess brand and also one of the most obvious. Desire Resorts provides the perfect environment for couples to reconnect, both practically and intimately, so I’ve been sending couples to their facilities for years. I know from personal experience that even a few days at one of their resorts can completely transform a relationship.”


Dr. Jess first arrived at Desire Riviera Maya as a guest in 2006, and in 2008 she hosted her first couples’ workshop onsite. She now facilitates retreats, workshops and seminars at both Desire locations several times per year. Her sessions are often so popular that we’ve had to expand the programming to meet guests’ demands!


We asked Dr. Jess, “Why do you believe that a trip to Desire Resorts constitutes a life-changing experience?”

“Spending time at the resort forces you to communicate about topics you may have never considered. From dreams and fantasies to insecurities and fears, the intimate environment encourages you to talk to your partner about your feelings. These emotional conversations, though potentially intimidating, heighten intimacy, deepen connection and foster an erotic connection that remains even upon departure.”


However, Dr. Jess also loves the community environment:

“At Desire, couples naturally connect with one another regardless of age or country of origin. Friendly conversations at the bar or by the pool often lead to lifelong friendships that span across continents. And since research shows that hanging out with other happy couples enriches your own relationship, it makes sense that the couples at Desire Resorts are so passionately in love.”


Check out our Special Events Calendar at Desire Riviera Maya or Desire Pearl Riviera Maya for upcoming programs featuring Dr. Jess. Stay tuned to our blog and social media pages for advice, tips and giveaways from our favorite sex and relationship expert.