Art with Desire’s Touch!

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As of August, our guests at Desire Resort & Spa will be able to appreciate the unique, artistic approach of the renown painter Lisabel Filiatrault, in a collection of her paintings that now embellish the walls of our clothing optional resort.

Be certain that this series, focused on skiers, landscapes, animals, and nudes will attract your attention to the extend of wanting to acquire a piece that will help you immortalize the intensity of your escape at Desire.

Be a proud owner of these paintings. As little background on the artist and her work, we can say that she has been present in places such as the Sotheby’s International Realty in Quebec, RD Capital, Emergia Capital, Chateau Bonne Entente, the Hotel Grand Times, and Ville de Montreal. And having participated in the prestigious contest of the 24th International Gala, organized by Le Cercle des Artistes Peintres et Sculpteurs du Québec, she was awarded with Le Premier Grand Prix over 250 artists and 600 art pieces.

Admire swirling whirlpools of color in brilliant hues as the perfect background for dramatic representations of figures of people, animals and concepts in motion. The addition of a realistic element to an abstract painting perfectly relates to the concept of Desire where natural settings frame sublime experiences that might feel surreal.

  1. Adora Bull

    I’d want to have 1 or 2 in my bedroom to put me in the mood on even the worst of days.

    • Desire

      Thank you! They can certainly put you in the mood. Right?

  2. sanewbies

    How can we get information on these pieces?

  3. MikeSan

    Hi, I’m interested in the paintings. Do you have a catalogue to choose them from?