Don’t be afraid, it’s just Desire!

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It’s just Desire

Have you ever browsed through our web page and wondered what it would be like to be at Desire Resorts and feel comfortable as you take of your tops and bottoms to get into the jacuzzi with us?

We have talked to a several of our regular couples and we remember what they said when we asked them what it was for them to start coming to our clothing optional resorts.

We Agree It’s just Desire

All of them agree on this. “It’s just Desire, if you really feel like being free from inhibitions and conventionalism, you simply go for it”. But Anna and John, (let’s give them some fake names here) really took the time to tell us about their first time and we want to share with you: “One day, I woke up in John’s arms at Desire Riviera Maya then it hit me we were both in paradise, and I had been so reluctant to remove my clothes for 2 days, but I could see some people at the pool and I told John I was going to go for it. We had already met other couples who were so supportive and understanding about my fears and concerns and who kept complementing me when I finally showed up wearing nothing but my sarong. So dropping it to the heat of the Caribbean sun simply felt right. Then, I went into the water and feeling the water all over my body made me realize I was in for a new world of sensations and I wanted to live them all. After that we have made Desire Resorts our second home, and we love it here because every time we come down here, we discover new ways of living our sensuality.”

She explains that she understands when the guests seem to be shy or on the contrary more open minded than she is and respects everybody’s preferences. Because meeting people that are actually enjoying the pleasures of life in paradise is what she loves the most and that the best place for that is our hotels.

It’s just Desire Resorts

And it’s true Desire Resorts offer this safety environment where it’s OK to be yourself and take your time to start having more adventurous experiencies, if you ever do it and that once you do, you can’t stop.

So don’t you have your first time story you would like to share with us? Don’t be afraid… It’s just Desire.


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