Drinks that Accompany your Desires!

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How does it sound an Apple Martini with Mint? Or what about a “Pink Desire”, made with rose petals, strawberry flavor and cinnamon?

We know how you’re feeling now; we felt the same when our food and beverage Manager presented us the new drinks and Cocktails menu. All we could do was to start craving these new flavors of Desire. Drinks that look great, taste great and have stories to tell… Sure, now you can enjoy them while relaxing in your favorite corner here at Desire or after a delicious dinner at any of our restaurants.

Come on now and try our 20+ new creations, only here at Desire, in the mean time take a look at this menu we have been talking about and let us know which ones you desire!

  1. The Squirtinators

    Lets start a conversation on what you prefer as your favorite body shot !! LOL Ours has always been the dreaded mudslide ! What say you !!

  2. chonobob

    Just pass the Bailey’s…

  3. ntxcpl76028

    MUD SLIDE!!!

  4. sailm8

    Love the Julieta

  5. Acayo


  6. vannasdesire

    what about just straight up Jaeger? maybe with a redbull for flight. is this available at Desire?

  7. vannasdesire

    there is nothing better than a well poured shot of jaeger to loosen the inhibitions… maybe coupled with redbull for wings