Enticing Cocktails to Delight your Senses

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We all know that Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya is a clothing optional paradise, that place where you forget about your inhibitions to enjoy yourself like nowhere else. Now, to add to this liberating sensation, every moment of your stay you will have the chance to taste our new delicious cocktails that will awake all of your senses and set the mood for more erotic experiences.
Whether it is at brunch, lunch, dinner or just a snuggle session by the pool with your loved one, be surprised by our unique, sensual cocktails that have been made specially for you to enjoy a bit of Desire in every sip.

As everybody might have different preferences, at Desire we have undertaken the task of including only the ones that have been favorites among our guests, and come up with our own mixes so that we can ensure you that this new menu of cocktails fit well into the sensual niche and you will want to try them all.

  1. MikeSan

    One question. Can you have your own mix?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Sure, MikeSan, you just have to ask our bartender what you want and he will make your favorite drink even if you think it’s not possible, so which one do you have in mind?