Becoming an erotic actress… A fantasy at the Private playroom!

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It is the moment… It is decided… Is a shared fantasy and this is the occasion to make it true, crossing the line of the forbidden, playing, learning, feeling and living the leading role of the erotic moment with this people that feel as stimulated as you do…

Looking around the room, the place that will be the witness of this hot session of sex, of passion and eroticism, the scenario of the kinkiest moments ever, you, your couple, living the lifestyle experience to the full with new game partners or old friends that will live this ultimate sexual arrangement with you, and will entice the climax of this fantasy!



Desire Pearl Resort & Spa makes it possible, with all the amenities that will make this fantasy just perfect… Dare to live it, the Private Play Room is part of our super hot Fantasy Menu. Check every fantasy and choose the one that fills your expectative or create a new one… At Desire, is our pleasure to please yours.