Erotic Photography Desire Style

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Have you ever fantasized about Erotic Photography?

Dear, Desirer is Erotic Photography an interest or a passion for you? At Desire Resorts we consider that nude, erotic  photography is an artistic expression that can carry the sexiest intentions. So have you ever dreamed about having your nude body photographed either by your partner or a professional. Or have you indeed already experienced with the camera like that? How erotic would you like your photos to be?

Through the years you have shared some pictures with us, where we can appreciate you are posing for the camera and you are experimenting a sort of pleasurable trance that is taking you to let go of your inhibition and enjoy your body and sensuality like never before.

Do you have any experience of the sort you would like to share with us? Have you gone wild while enjoying a private session of erotic photography with your partner?

The Art of Doing Erotic Photography

As you should remember, in different occasions, we have invited very prestigious erotic photographers such as Martin Perrault to reveal their secrets in their more intimate photo sessions and workshops. And we have also had special events at Desire Resort & Spa and Desire Pearl, in which we invite very recognized erotic models in the world, such as Bianca Beauchamp and Sarah Clayton. We hope you have participated in them, but if you haven’t we would like you not to worry about posture, modeling, accessories or attitude, because at Desire Resorts we believe that the key to create the most intense erotic Photography is just to be your most natural and sensual self.

So if you haven’t taken advantage of the beautiful settings of Desire Resorts, taking your own Erotic Photography, we invite you to find that perfect spot and have that perfect, deliciously erotic photo shoot.

Desire as the Best Setting for your Erotic Photography

Let Desire seduce you… More than ever, our clothing optional resort wants to surround you and your partner with our sensual atmosphere for the most intense rendezvous. From aromatic accoutrements in your room to sensual music, Desire will bring to life this phantasy of yours of becoming a muse or an artist of Erotic Photography.






  1. nudistmex

    Sounds great, I’m taking a camera with me.