Eyes Wide Shut Night!

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Have you ever experienced our Eyes Wide Shut Night?


Well, Desire Pearl Resort & Spa Riviera Maya is inviting you to come and try it every Wednesday. And what can be more erotic than the scene with the cloaks and masks of Kubrick’s film, Eyes Wide Shut?

Yes, Desire Pearl has now included a sensual ceremony that replicates it so that you can make the most dream-like fantasies come true. Be seduced by this so anticipated night theme of Desire and get in the most mysterious mood to continue the fun of the night.

Picture yourself in a cloak and mask entering our disco and Play Room Obsession to be part of our sensual ceremony and let loose like never before. Yes, our Eyes Wide Shut ceremony will be now part of our night themes at Desire Pearl, so if you have missed it before, this is your chance to enjoy having your Eyes Wide Shut to the fullest.

As of April 3rd we will be awaiting you with our arms wide open so that you can enjoy this sensual experience that will blow your mind away!

So tell us how you feel about having this Desire fulfilled! We want to hear what you have to say about Eyes Wide Shut Night.

  1. couplesdaz

    Can anyone that has already experienced the Eyes Wide Shut night describe it in more detail, please.

  2. The Squirtinators

    If you have seen the movie of the same title it is very much like that. The important point is the mystery of not knowing the identity of who it is that you are flirting or dancing with. In the movie the whole point is sex with a stranger where as at the resort it is more about the sexy flirting and danicing with an unknown identity. Hey if you want to take it to the sex level and the other couple or person is open to that then more power to you. We just want the ladies to understand they are in control and orgies only happen in the playrooms or in private rooms with the women leading the way. So explore tease flirt and have fun with out the worry that every kiss or flirt must end in sex. Talk openly with your partner and set your bounderies then when and if the opportunity presents itself you are both on the same page.

  3. MikeSan

    I have seen it at Desire Riviera and I can’t wait for May to enjoy it at Pearl!

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, MikeSan. Thank you for your comments and you can be sure it will be really deliciously erotic.

  4. joseBlanca

    Wer going on may 28/30 any couple going?