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For many people, two things dominate the mind, and it’s no wonder they go hand in hand, food & sex! These two elements make the perfect combination to spice things up in the bedroom by trying something new. Here are some tips to take your cravings to the next level…


Whether it’s food on the tongue or body, food foreplay is the perfect appetizer, because we all know what the main meal is going to be. Forget the savory and spicy and stick to sweets for your sweet on this occasion.


If you are more of a healthy couple, try pieces of fresh seasonal fruit, like cherries, strawberries or mango slices. What about candy cravers? You may choose to play with ice cream toppings, like chocolate or caramel. Or go crazy and combine the two! You can gently hand feed each other or use each other’s bodies as the perfect plate.


Introducing food into your lovemaking is about more than just taste. For maximum pleasure, indulge in each of the senses.


Blindfolding your partner is a great way to enhance your partner’s senses and make every touch more stimulating. Try tracing your partner’s body with edible snacks or gently placing different aphrodisiac foods in their mouth.


You can also use foods that smell and feel good on bare skin. To keep things hot, try foods you can heat up, like chocolate, or the exact opposite, use popsicles, frozen grapes, or ice.


Introducing food into the bedroom is not set in stone, so be creative! Your mouth isn’t just for eating, it’ a tool. Increasing the pressure of your touch is another way to build passion and excitement by using both your hands, your mouth or tongue. Lick, suck and nibble at food placed on your partner’s body. Go wild!


Lay down towels or sheets that you don’t mind getting dirty. Using tools, like a drizzle bottle for chocolate and honey, can make “foodplay” a little tidier and to keep your hands clean. Ideally, licking fingers (or other parts) clean will suffice before you get busy. Also, don’t forget to keep the usual sexy stuff nearby; condoms, lube, and toys are always fun!


Remember a little goes a long way. Eating too much before getting intimate will only make you and your partner feel sluggish, give you a sugar crash later, and may even lead to motion sickness. Besides, if your partner is hungry enough to ask for seconds, you two should probably enjoy the main meal first.