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In this month’s addition of our Desire blog, we would like to focus on the potential benefits couples can gain from trying something new, such as a Dinner & Sex experience at our resorts.


It has been shown that new experiences activate the brain’s reward system, flooding it with dopamine and norepinephrine, which is considered as a “feel good” brain chemistry. These same brain circuits are the ones that “light up” in the early stages of romantic love.


Fantasy helps to bring out hidden sensuous desires between two people by supplying a plot that may be missing from real life, which increases, erotic tension with an element of sexual adventure, through some quality one-on-one time.


Novelty plays a role in keeping the romantic spark alive by subtracting distractions that interfere with your desires. Couples that indulge in this intimate way to nourish and care for their relationship, look at it sort of like maintenance. Try listening, feeling closeness and expressing affection in a place that offers the perfect atmosphere with cero inhibitions. Our dinner and sex fantasy is the perfect option for couples seeking this deep connection on an entirely new level, which will lead you beyond seduction…


Here is a look into our Desire fantasy the “Gazebo of Passion, Dinner & Sex”:


Submerge yourselves in the Gazebo of Passion, Dinner & Sex experience, a world of erotic pleasure, where fulfilling your fantasies and awaking your senses is your only objective. Savor a private dinner with your couple, accompanied by the sounds of the waves, the moonlit sky and the gentle caress of the evening sea breeze to heighten your senses, taking you beyond seduction.


To see Desire Resorts complete fantasy menu visit: Desire Riviera Maya Resort & Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort