Hot 5 de Mayo Party!

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Our special event “Hot 5 de Mayo Week” (May 02 – 09) we’ll be having some new and different theme nights than the regular ones (please check our calendar events), the “Heaven and Hell Night” will be on Tuesday the 03rd, for this night you could dress in white or red color, another option is to bring some sexy and fun outfits, wear what your creativity or even better… what “your conscience” tells you who to be, a fallen angel? or a sweet demon?
For the EWS night, you could wear whatever you feel comfortable for dancing once you take off the cloaks and masks at the end of the ceremony in the Disco, some couples wear sexy and barely clothing under the cloaks as well, lingerie, etc.

  1. Sterne

    Hi, these theme nights sound even sexier than the regular programs, I definetely want to be an angel!

  2. dwhdds

    This is my 1st time on here. We were just at desire march 22-29, 2011, and forgot to get the email address of the french couple that live/work in Boston, I f you read this and wish to correspond with us,please email us/me(the dentist) at Hope to hear from you soon!!