What’s hot when sexting?

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When it comes to keep alive the passion and playfulness of your sexy moments, there’s no rules… The communication and complicity of you and your couple are unique and it is not like you are going to have a book, or some kind of regulation to know what’s the best for you. However, there are some spicy activities that always are helpful.


One of them is relatively new and became common with the use of technology; we are talking about sexting, that is nothing but have a seductive (that sometimes turns erotic) conversation with your soul mate by sending some text messages. If you hadn’t try it yet, or want to know how to improve it, check out this tips and awake your deepest desires!


First of all, we want you to make sure that your couple is a completely reliable person to start this sexy activity. Avoid a bad ending or unfortunately consequences, so if you decide to begin your sexting, do it with someone you have been with for a long time.


When you start the sexting, try to send soft message first. Or ask your couple “Are you busy?”… Once you are sure that is the perfect moment to turn on the things, you can start with the text flirting.


According with one of our favorite sexologist and relationship manager, Dr. Jess, the best is to ignite your couple slowly:

“Some light flirting can gradually unfold into hot and heavy sexts while allowing you to test the waters and your boundaries”


Do what feel good for you… If you feel uncomfortable with what you are writing and sending, then is not sexy anymore. Move to your own rhythm and talk about it with your couple. Honesty is one of the sexiest things and the best part of this kind of activities is to enjoy them… So continue only when you feel ready.


Be yourself: Write down what you think but try to write it the way you speak it, therefore it will feel natural and your couple will live the sexting as if you were telling everything, so it will be easier to imagine. And if the conversation is hot enough and it turns you on, you have to say that too… It will be a plus, and definitely you’ll make it true later.


Before sending any message take your time and don’t rush… Or you will run the risk of send your kinkiest secrets to your boss or neighbours.


Keep positive and go on with the fantasy mood: anyone wants to see his or her fantasy interrupted by a complain… If you want to sext, avoid any discussion or this experience will be anything but pleasant. Also you have to send positive messages, don’t say things like “you don’t do that anymore”, or any of you will enjoy the sexting session.


If you decide not to use images, try to be descriptive with what you are wearing, what are you thinking and everything related with all your senses… You can add to the sexting some vivid images telling your love one some erotic scenes you had experienced. Nothing like a super hot memory to start a new one even better!


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