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Dear guests, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty through the years. We have over 17,000 guests per year and we are hoping to see you come back soon.

Just because we want to do things better and our main interest is to meet your expectations more and more every time you visit us, we want to ask if you have any suggestions to improve your Desire Resorts experience and make it closer to your wildest fantasies.

So what else you would like to see in:


Or is there something we could do to make your stay more pleasant?

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments and feedback here. It is very valuable and will assist us in improving in every way. So please anything you want, we would like to know about it and we’ll make it happen!

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And please feel free to communicate with us directly if you have any further comments or ideas at:



  1. desireindy

    As a couple who have been to the Desire properties 22 times since 2006 there is very little we would change about the concept and actual properties. It has given us the chance to open up our sensuality and explore all of our erotic fantasies. We have been on other CO vacations and they haven’t come close to the Desire experience…’s just just in a class of its own.

    We do miss the Los Cabos property and wish another resort is planned there in the future. We like the plan to renovate the pool area at RM, it was much needed. The only change at Pearl would be to remove the pond between the lobby and the jacuzzi area, it would make for a fantastic melange bar, a natural transition from dinner to the disco.

    Looking forward to our next trip in 67 days!


  2. Desire Blog Author

    Thank you, desireindy for your comments. Rest assured we will take them into account.
    Have a lovely come back to Desire, we are looking forward to seeing you back!

  3. bob12345

    Well not as experienced as desireIndy, we are about to join you for our 11’th visit (or is it 12 🙂 )…and agree, wouldn’t change a thing. We too appreciate how your resort has allowed us to explore experiences we would have never guessed we desired just a few years ago.

    At RM, Suki is probably due for a remodel, but please please don’t change the Hibachi concept (if anything expand it to seat more couples). My wife and I love the Hibachi grill. It’s one of the best ways to meet new couples that quickly become life long friends.

    The only other thing I can think of for Rivera Maya is to rebuild the dock that was once there. It would be a fun place to sun, and/or play.

    I’m excited about the pool remodel, can’t wait to see what you have in store!!!

    See you in 3 weeks!!!!!

    • Desire Blog Author

      Thank you, bob12345 for helping us know what we can do to do things more to your liking. We are happy to hear you like Desire and you are coming back soon. Please keep in touch!