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Have you ever been to a Masquerade Ball? Now, picture yourself feeling sexy and seduced in every second as you wait for the New Year! Because Desire Resort & Spa wants the best for you at all times, even the last day of the year, we have many surprises in store for you and your partner.

 Enjoy with our special Masquerade Ball eve, to be held in our Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya the last day of the year.

We want you to enjoy with your partner and with other couples on the last day of the year and new year celebration and what better way than at Desire?

What will you need for the great Desire Masquerade Ball?

Perhaps the question now is what you will be wearing, if you simply have to forget about dressing up in long dresses and glamorous outfits as it was the custom. Of course, we are talking about Desire and to  increase your pleasure and your enjoyment, we have created a sensual party of masks and cloaks for the gents and ladies, you just have to get the sexiest lingerie and you are all set.

Say goodbye to the year in our Masquerade Ball

Celebrate New Year’s Eve like never before and fulfill all those fantasies that you set for the year 2013, yet you will have one day of this wonderful year, and we want  you to enjoy it in unimaginable ways.

So you know now, this year, travel with us through time and space to the seventeenth century for this imperial parties, with all the glamor, fun and luxury of the era, and with sensuality, eroticism and mystery that Desire can only offer.

Enjoy, come to our Masquerade Ball, Desire will be throwing for this great weekend, with deliciously erotic events, you will not want them to end ever.

Because, what be a better way to end one year and start the next than on the sensual Caribbean Sea atmosphere of our Desire Masquerade Ball?