Men vs Women Sex Drive

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On International Women’s Day, we at Desire Resorts are wondering whether men and women experience sexuality in a different way. It’s true that the sexual differences between the genres have been mainly due to the impact of society and for example the feminism movement in the 1970’s gave women a more open way to express their sexuality.

Despite of the fact that both men and women observe four stages of sexual arousal: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution,  it has been shown that men and women do differ in the nature of their sex drive, and women are less likely to become spontaneously sexually interested.

So the question here is. Do you support this idea? How is it for you, ladies and gents? Who is more sexually aroused when you come to Desire, when you are spending a deliciously erotic vacation away from daily routines and conventionalism.

Can you ladies deny that you get provoked by our sexually oriented entertainment? Can you point out if there is a difference in your sexual desire when you are enjoying the company of your partner and other like-minded couples at our Jacuzzi Lounge? How about when you can both surrender to the touch of our sensual massage that stimulates all your senses? Then at Desire Resorts, we believe that if indeed women need more incentives to get sexually aroused, you ladies have nothing to worry about, since the erotic atmospheres you will experience here with us will give you plenty reasons to enjoy your sensuality to the fullest and thank life you are a woman.

  1. The Squirtinators

    Wow what a mouth watering topic for us !!! LOL First let me say after 20 years of working with couples and their sexuality we can say with out a doubt it depends on the individual and not the gender of whom is a more sexual creature or who has a higher sex drive. I would agree that men for the most part are more visual than women enjoying porn, see naked women or couples making love and a large majority of women prefer literature hence 50 Shades of Grey ( very Vanilla ) made over 100 million in sales. Yet after traveling and working over two decades in the lifestyle and adult community we can safely say there are no broad statements that can be made with any accuracy about men or women. I think another misconception is that men only want sex and women prefer intimacy and passion. Our research has shown a large portion of men actually love tenderness intimacy and passion especially if they are not continuously the aggressor or instigator of sex. It can be a magical moment when a couple in a long term relationship finds that lost passion that was right there all the time buried in day to day life and Desire resort is the perfect place to do just that. Some women’s first thought when a partner suggests Desire for the first time is that the purpose is to swing or have sex with someone else. After 15 years of visits to Desire we can tell you sure that happens but a large portion of the couples that attend Desire resort are what we call more than nudists less than swingers and find that perfect environment to reawaken the passion in their own relationships. Men and women are free to explore at their own pace with no pressure from the outside to do anything they are not comfortable with but when and if you choose to open a new experience in your relationship it will not take you long to find others open to exploring what ever your fantasy you may choose to make real with the sensual background of Desire resort the perfect compliment to your tamest or wildest fantasy. Try an erotic couples massage, make your very own private porn film in your room, try a flavored massage or simply make new friends while chats au natural in the warm swim up hot tub. Keep your cloths on take them off no one will assume or take advantage which ever you choose. The freedom comes from knowing you can when and if you are ready. See you there May 18th – 26th in beautiful Cancun. Tim & Tammy

  2. MikeSan

    I think women go mad at Desire and it’s awesome like that.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Thank you for your comments, MikeSan, stay tuned!

  3. joseBlanca

    We are going to rivera maya may 28/30. Like to enjoy the stay