Mind blowing and aphrodisiac tequila cocktails

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We definitely know that there are infinite ways to arouse your couple, to spice things up and make everything hotter… One of those ways is without a doubt, the taste… The emotion and pleasure that you can feel trough your mouth is the perfect libido booster, and if you add a very Mexican beverage like the tequila… you’ll be ready to have a hot and sexy evening!.

We’ll suggest you three cocktails that will totally change everything you knew about this drink and that will put you in the mood to enjoy an erotic time with your couple



Sex Panther

With a strong refreshing savour, this drink that includes Tequila, Peach Sschnapps, Chambord and Sours, this drink will become one of your favourites, excellent to drink it in shots and have a wild crazy party that you will never forget… Or that you’ll never remember, it depends of how many shots you get!


Tequila Sandy

A very simple but strong cocktails that includes Cold Tequila and Cointreau… You’ll feel how your temperature rises and everything seems so much erotic!… Try it right now!


Toro Bravo

A really intense drink, made by tequila and coffee liquor, if you feel like you need to increase your value, this is perfect! Delicious and sweet but bitter, it will be an amazing drink after your dinner

And this is only a little example of how many combinations of drinks you can enjoy in a special occasion, like when you travel, and you stay at  Desire… Try all of them, feel this new pleasure with your couple and make it hotter as you keep drinking!