Molecular Cuisine with Desire’s Taste!

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Let Desire Resort & Spa surprise your palate. Following the idea that innovating cooking methods can produce improved results of texture and flavor, our Executive Chef Felipe Reynaga and Food & Beverage Manager Alessio Giribaldi have come up with a new menu of Molecular Cuisine.

Now your visit to Desire will add to your clothing optional resort experience, the opportunity to discover mouthwatering creations that will transform your dinner into an artistic, deliciously erotic meal.

With specialties like our grilled mushrooms ice cream, you can be sure that dining at Il Piacere is now more than ever such a delightful experience that will excite all your senses. Bon appetit!

  1. cllcpl

    Sounds interesting and good. Looking forward to it. Is it difficult to get seated at this restaurant? 12/13 – 12/17

    • Hello cllcpl,

      Thanks for posting a comment!, We work on a first come first served basis. No reservation is required, except for the Tepanyaki table at the Suki Restaurant, and also if you booked a Passion Suite. There are always enough sittings!

      • Valentina

        I would like to add some info! For Tepanyaki table we have three sittings: 06, 07:30 and 09 pm. This way, all guests can have a chance to enjoy our chef table!
        To reserve, just contact food and beverage staff or stop by my desk at the lobby and I will be more than happy to help you 🙂
        See you soon. Regards!

  2. miranda

    Is there a specific time frame that we need to contact anyone to make the reservations for the Teppanyaki table? Do we have to make the reservation at least a day in advance?

    We are very much looking forward to the new menus – we loved the food last time we were at Desire and are so excited to go back and try the new creations!

    • Desire Guest Service

      Hello Miranda! Our suggestion is to make reservations at least two days prior to the dinner date once you get at the resort . Please feel free to contact any of our restaurant managers: Edilbertho (in the morning) Manuel or Pedro (in the afternoon) so they can assist you with Tepanyaki reservations.

      Looking forward to seeing you at Desire!
      Best regards

  3. rbl

    Good evening. I understand that there is a new menu at the white restaurant. Is this correct? We recommend a daily special to bring some variety.