Naughty Schoolgirls at Desire

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Come back to school the most sensual way, only at Desire Resort & Spa. Have you ever dreamed of a sexy schoolgirl taking notes of every desire that comes through your mind? Our clothing optional resort in the Riviera Maya gives you the chance of fulfilling this fantasy and many others in our Naughty Schoolgirls Weekend, where female guests will bring their most provocative schoolgirl outfits.

So come to teach these naughty schoolgirls the lessons not taught at school, or be prepared to be the naughtiest schoolgirl ever and don’t get amazed if you are punished for being such a badly behaved girl…

Now you can enjoy 2 nights of our Naughty Schoolgirls Weekend totally on us for you and your partner. All what you have to do is let us know what your most hidden desires are when it comes to play naughty schoolgirl and mean professor. Send us an email to, we will go through your answers and write back if you are our lucky winner.

  1. Jorch00100


  2. desireindy

    One of our favorite theme nights at Desire and back home in Indiana! No matter how old you get, the thought of seeing hot women dressed in short plaid skirts with a revealing little white top is sexy!!! Add a ruler, a couple of sexy accessories and you’ve got a sexy party waiting to happen. We were at the resort a month or so after they switched Sunday night from Superhero to Naughty Schoolgirl and I must say it was a VERY welcomed switch…participation was great and the girls/women all looked HOT!

  3. john

    We´ll stay at Desire for two weeks from August 13th and we really hope the school girl weekend will take place – several times – during our stay. I, the husband, have a dream of being seduced by a very hot school girl – my wife – during those evenings. Would also be nice to see other couples doing the same. HOT!Hot!

    • Hi John! The school girl weekend will be as HOT as your imagination can get…! We are glad to hear you have booked your trip cause rooms are starting to run out. Thanks for posting your comments!

  4. john

    Thanks David, nice to see that the school girl theme is there. Could you tell me what other themes you´ll have during our stay, please? We´ll be there from August 13 to August 29, a total of 16 nights

  5. john

    Thanks David,
    I´ve seen the program. The problem is that it´s only up to August 3rd, and we arrive 10 days later. Will the program be the same then?

    • Hi John, the date August 3rd 2009, means that the program was up dated on that date. The program will remain the same by the time you visit us. Thank you for your post!

  6. dukieduke

    I am looking forwards to this event especially (along with Eyes Wide Shut). My love and I are quite looking forwards to an explorative week in the sun in August. How many costumes do we need to bring for the theme days? I was looking at just packing a travel bag for the week!

    • Desire

      Hello dukieduke,
      I’m glad to hear from you and your exitment about the Naugthy Schoolgirls at Desire! One costume per theme night will be more than enough! I would suggest you travel light, but make sure not to forget your Desire outfits.

  7. sha

    Could anyone make suggestions on how to pack for these theme nights?… My Love and I are very much looking forward to experience all we can while we are there…–can the capes be of sheer material?.. or should they be hiding the ‘prize’..?

    • I will gladly encourage our Desire followers to give you suggestions and you to bring your cape of sheer material. Desire is about fun & freedom,  there is nothing to hide. It is also about wearing and doing what  makes you feel good.

  8. kalapuka

    I have to disagree(this will be our 14th time at Desire in July)…Bring as much as you can….More people that take part the better….We have have found that maybe half of the guests take part…..We have always enjoyed bringing outfits, and I will gladly pay for the extra charge with the airlines…So bring it all and take part in the entertainment……..

  9. kalapuka

    Sorry Desire…I didn’t read your answer correctly…I do agree with bringing costumes for each theme night….Sorry, you can delete my response if you’d like

    • Hello Kalapuka!
      Thanks for your post! No worries, you are helping us to make this blog a place where everyone can express themselves loud! so thank you again and stay in touch!

  10. dukieduke

    And in that spirit, anyone else going to be there for the week following the 8th of August?

  11. sha

    actually i am going to be there with my love that week…oh.. you miss the leather night…

  12. dukieduke

    If you don’t mind, sha, are you a female or a male. Your name is kind of vague. I am a male. Regardless of your answer, there is one of you in the couple I might be interested in, no?

  13. sha

    hello Dukieduke… well i would say that there would be one of us or perhaps both..depending on how open you are to new experiences…im female… i will keep my loves sex quiet for now…how curious are you?

  14. dukieduke

    Extremely, now. What events will you and (it) be participating in?

  15. dukieduke

    ferget it sha.. but I want the good stuff. Your offer sounds a little too limiting. Two lesbians? I want a woman and her lover. If another couple gets involved, we can work out the details. Will your (woman) do it with us willingly? Sorry to be so blunt., One website said to be honest. This may be too strong too for this website. If your other person was a woman I may have to reconsider. I will need some serious convincing on your part.

  16. sha

    all i can tell you is that she would be willing to play with someone new with me…that is not new to us… as long as i the one that she wakes up to….. and your wife?… does she understand the nature of this place?..
    i am the good stuff….

  17. sha

    as for the cape info..thanks… packing for this is going to be the start of the fun !!!

  18. sha

    I have read a few reviews of Desire in different locations… some have said that the resort provides some costumes for the guests.. such as masks and capes… could you tell me if it is possible to have these provided to us?.. and what other pieces, if any are available..

  19. BriCin

    With halloween on sunday night. Will school girl night be cancelled that week or moved to guest DJ night. The wife wants to know, so she can buy a new school girl outfit or not.

    • Let me send this to our guest service manager, she will get back to you with an answer!
      Thank you for blogging!

  20. BriCin

    Just looked at the activies example on the blog. ( Thank You Desire) Our vote is to replace Saturday Oct 30th night “Leather In The Tropics” with SCHOOL GIRL NIGHT. For Halloween on Sunday night!

    • Desire

      Thank you for your interest. And sure, we’ll have the entertainment manager look at your suggestion. And Desire bloggers, we love it when you share your ideas to make our clothing optional resort more of your liking. Thanks!

  21. oldseadog

    Can anyone tell me why almost all the pictures of costumes that you can buy to wear as a naughty schoolgirl appear to feature Scottish ladies?
    Well, they are almost all wearing tartan……… or “plaid” as they call it over the pond.

  22. keigor

    Oldseadog: It is just a Catholic school uniform stereotype. Don’t think anyone really knows but my wife is Scottish (not catholic) and it is the best darn tartan she could wear!!

  23. oldseadog

    I take it this is a US school stereotype then – over here it is mostly the presbyterian schools who have tartan skirts for the girls’ uniforms. Mind you, the majority of the schools are presby or non-denominational anyway.
    But why are catholic girls thought to be naughtier than all the others, then?
    This is all just because I am naturally curious of course. (Otherwise known as a nosy Scot.)

  24. keigor

    oldseadog: Think you’re going to have to google this one as there is way to much info. I’m sure someone will come up with a simplified answer tho. Zappa did write a song about it.

  25. toddandlacey

    Hi this will be our first time to Desire. We will be arriving March 5th does anyone know if the current nightly themes will be the same then.

  26. Desire Blog Editor

    Yes, Louise, you can enjoy the Naughty Schoolgirls Night at Desire Riviera Maya every Monday. We invite you to check our last post on dress codes for the our night themes. And when are you going to come to visit?