Keep in Good Shape at Desire!

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Hello Desire Bloggers, couple of weeks ago, we had a request from one Desire blogger about our new GYM. We are proud to show you the pictures of our fully renovated gym facilities.

Summer vacation or anytime vacation at Desire is all about taking a break from the norm. Trouble is—whether you’re relaxing on the beach, catching up with friends, or exploring new places and experiences—dropping your workout can quickly become the routine.
At Desire Resort & Spa it doesn’t have to be that way. Come and find out all the up grades we just implement for you such as our totally new Gym equipment; we do know how important is to look good and keep up with your workout routine. In addition we’ve got couple of fresh strategies to help you keep moving while you are here with us:
Walk or run on the wet, packed sand by the water’s edge. You’ll burn extra calories without that going-nowhere feeling that comes with trying to move through dry, deep sand; take part of our sensual pole dance classes or why not star the day with a little Yoga.

  1. ssd

    I heard the gym was updated? Any new pictures or info?

    • Hello ssd,
      Thanks for joining us! I will ask our guest service for any possible pictures and let you know!

    • Hey ssd, I have not forgoten the picutures request. I hope I can get a couple of photos this week ok? thanks for your interest and stay around!

  2. Angelicap431

    Hola esta es mi tercera vez en el Desire , lei que esta la posibilidad de cenar romanticamente en la playa esto esta considerado como all inclusive ? en todo caso es muy buena idea. Pronto estaremos por alli celebrando nuestro aniversario de matrimonio.saludos.

  3. xblade

    yes, we used the gym every day. Pictures please, can’t wait till december.

  4. joinedathehip

    are the treadmills still there?

  5. Fitcouple

    Please tell us about the yoga classes. Where are they taught, etc?

  6. knewwho

    Photos are where ?

  7. parbal

    ¿Cuando son las clases de pole dance?. Gracias

  8. shysdcouple

    Who’s running this site? this is crazy…