New Night Themes to Heat Up Desire!

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Desire is changing, at least our night themes are. Yes, as of February, starting Monday, the Hall of Fame Night is being substituted by a favorite of all: Naughty Schoolgirls Night. And sure, every evening of the week holds deliciously erotic experiences at Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya, more than ever, and here, we detail them all for your delight.

Naughty Schoolgirls & College Nerds

Come back to school the most sensual way, only at Desire Resort & Spa. Have you ever dreamed of a sexy schoolgirl, taking notes of every desire that comes through your mind? Now, every Monday at our clothing optional resort in the Riviera Maya gives you the chance of fulfilling this fantasy and many others in our Naughty Schoolgirls & College Nerds, the time to put on your most provocative schoolgirl and college outfits. This will be your opportunity to look your best, socialize with other guests and have a blast with our unique Couples Contest and live Rock band. Be a naughty schoolgirl or the hottest College nerd, learning the lessons not taught at school, and don’t get amazed if you are punished for being so badly behaved.

G.I. Joes and Army Hoes

Fight for your desires. Yes, every Tuesday, our couples only resort will be transformed into a battle field of sex appeals. Dress your part in an irresistible, camouflage outfit and join us for the naughtiest night of all, our “G.I. Joes and Army Hoes” evening will put you out of your comfort zone, inviting you to step over the line and forget all inhibitions. Let every second of the occasion seduce you as you play our games, participate in our “Battle of the Sexes”, witness sexy performances, sip the most tempting drinks, make new friends, and discover the alluring atmosphere of our Couples only Party room. There won’t be a better way to enjoy the most deliciously erotic side of our couples only resort than experiencing our Tuesday night, the time when passion will take over our Desire.


Lingerie Night

Now, Thursday night at Desire Riviera Maya will give you plenty of opportunities to feel part of the always deliciously erotic ambiance of our couples only resort with our Lingerie Night, a classic at our Desire. Then, let the sensual atmosphere that will reign seduce you in every sip of your favorite drink, sensual performance you see and hot, steamy moments you will enjoy in the Melange Bar.Whether you join us in your choice for the occasion and rock our lingerie fashion show, or remain an avid spectator, your sheer outfits will help you reveal most of your hidden desires. That’s right, the dress code of the night will be sexy, sheer lingerie, provocative pajamas, hot boxers and of course the most tantalizing body painting counts too!


007 Casino Night:
If your most secret desire is to be in a James Bond movie and play him or his sensual lady in distress, this is the night to make this fantasy come true. Dress to impress, and in your sexiest, long dress or bow tie and suit, prepare yourself to be the star of our Casino Royale. Picture yourself placing your most daring bets and sipping a delicious martini while you enjoy the sexy twist of our Black Jack and Roulette. The surprises will continue as our Burlesque Show that will seduce your senses like never before.


Tight & Bright Night.
Your Saturdays at Desire Riviera Maya will just go beyond your imagination, with an endless array of activities and entertainment that will be part of our Tight & Bright Night.
So don’t be shy, be creative with the shiny, eye-catching clothes you have and create the sexiest look of the night. Yes, this time, we just want you to put on a sexy, bright and tight outfit to join us in the Y disco that we will take care of the rest. To the heat of our ultraviolet lights, you will shine as your figures are highlighted in your most revealing and tight outfit. And guys, you are also invited to wear tight shirts and show off your muscles. This will be the night to let your passions glow in the dark and the seductive atmosphere of our clothing optional resort.


A Dream of Troy:
A new fantasy you asked for us to make come true… Yes, every Thursday, Desire will be taking you back to the ancient Roman times with our dream of Troy. Come to discover the same sensual environment that wrapped everybody when wearing togas and partying like there were no rules was the way to go. Let your figure be accented by a sexy toga. And remember that ancient doesn’t always have to mean old, on the contrary, this night is a synonym with a world of new sensations and experiences that you are yet to enjoy at Desire. Delicious and refreshing drinks, sexy bodies, Trojan Performances, Fire Show, Erotic Slave Dance and the most alluring couples only atmosphere is some of the fun you can expect. This will be by far the most memorable night of your life.


Fridays at Desire Riviera Maya will invite you to relive the fantasy of Studio 54. Feel like a celebrity and let go of inhibitions in the most exhilarating atmosphere. Just as it once happened inside the doors of this glamorous NYC nightclub of the 70’s, be immersed into a world of sensual bodies, incandescent lights and seductive music. Yes, this is the night to join us in our Melange Bar where Go-Go dancers will make your heart pound with their provocative moves and our live band won’t let you leave the dance floor, playing their upbeat disco music that will bring back to life the greatest hits of the 70’s and early 80’s. Sing your favorite songs, engage in our sexy contest, enjoy steamy performances, and don’t forget to wear all the classic attire of those decades with the shine and color only seen back. Then be prepared for a night that will blow your mind away!

  1. MikeSan

    I’m wondering if we can book a tour for couples before arriving at the hotel. Thanks.

  2. zugmaster69

    Are these the themes for Pearl as of February too?

  3. hodgy20

    The nights listed here are different than what is listed on the actual website. In addition the links to the descriptions for each night on the website does not correlate with what is listed. Which is the correct schedule???

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, hodgy20,we have double checked the theme nights and they are all in the right order and you can check the webpage to see our pictures. Thank you for your interest, just remember that if you are coming in January, you will still have the previous night themes,since these night themes you see on the web page will start as of February 1st. Stay tuned that we will still have many surprises.

  4. zugmaster69

    What are the themes for Pearl.

  5. jandchai

    What exactly is night of Troy? The link takes you to lingerie night…

  6. twotravelers

    Okay we are a bit confused. Do the new themes start Feb 1st or Feb 4th? We’ve heard so many different stories and the website is not clear.

  7. Jim and Linda

    So can you confirm what the theme nights are for Sat Jan 26 through Wed Jan 30th… THanks!

  8. twotravelers

    Can you please clarify? Do the theme nights at Riviera Maya change on Friday, February 1st or Monday, February 4th? We will be there Thursday to Monday so it makes a big difference if when the themes change.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      That’s a very good question and just because most of our guests have asked for it, we will keep almost the same theme nights, seeing a slight change on Wednesdays when we will no longer have our Bay Watch Nights, since as of April, we will substitute it by our classic Wednesday Night of Desire, our Eyes Wide Shut. And of course if you enjoyed it at Desire Riviera, you will simply love this new experience at Desire Pearl, it will simply blow your mind away. Yes, cloaks and masks will be required!

  9. miranda

    I think we will just go with the flow and be prepared for any and all nights, no matter what they are.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      That’s the attitude, Miranda, and you can be sure it will be so much fun!

  10. Midwestcpl

    What is the night for May 2 since the 3rd is Casino Night?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Midwestcpl. Wow, you are for a treat! It’s our Bright & Tight Night, the time to shine like never before. The erotic feel of our Y Night club will be increased by ultraviolet lights and the magic that Desire is all about will be exposed in every corner so don’t be shy and join us in that outfit that can reveal your figure leaving nothing to the imagination and don’t worry, there was a time a guest only wore the reflection of these lights, making us understand the sky is the limit when you want to have fun.

  11. dbgrey

    What is the dress for ABC (anything but clothes) night on Sun. March 31st…or is it as obvious as it sounds?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, dbgrey: Yes, such a good question! Well, it is really “anything but clothes” so you can just let your imagination fly. I remember the other time, one of our guests put on a small pizza cardboard box to cover just a bit LOL. Does it get more creative than that? And yes, we have a costume contest where only the boldest and sexiest win. So what are you waiting for, you can start packing things from home like let’s say, your kitchen glove that it has the perfect size to cover up whatever you want to cover, remember that at Desire it can just be your hand.

  12. The Squirtinators

    A word about theme nights. Tammy and I have just returned from another incredible stay at Desire Los Cabos hosting the St Patrick’s Day party. Nightly themes can always be found on the Desire .com web site to be used as a guideline for what you can expect. Having said that I will share a story with you. Gal at the resort expresses the fact that she missed naughty schoolgirl night which had been replaced with 911 or emergency night. Our suggestion to her was to go that night as a naught schoolgirl that has fallen and hurt her leg and ankle and see if she could find a doctor and nurse that would take care of her!! LOL Point being you can use costumes you have or like on any night the theme night are just a suggestion and you can use your imagination or creativity to mix and match as you want. The rule is having fun! I know for toga night my gladiator outfit does not fit like it did 10 years ago so I switched to a dedicated mans slave tee shirt and was much happier and better received!! LOL Regardless of the stated theme if there is some outfit or fantasy that helps you to feel sexy or fun just do it! See you next at Desire Cancun May 18th – 26th

  13. fthunt

    We will be there May 4th for or 18th visit. Do you still have the scuba diving?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, fhunt. Thank you for writing. We have checked with our activities manager and he has confirmed that you can indeed enjoy scuba diving at Desire! Stay tuned.

  14. SteveandAl

    Hi, we’re at Riviera Maya from 10 August, also interested in scuba diving. Is there a dive shop on site, or is it collect from hotel and return? Who do we get details from? Thanks. Steve and Al

  15. Desire Blog Editor

    Thank you for your words, Mark, keep in touch!