Night Themes to Heat up Desire

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Desire is changing, at least our night themes are. As of February, the Free Style Night is being substituted by our famous Leather Night. Now, Thursdays will give you the opportunity to wear you sexiest, shiniest latex and leather outfits and enjoy live music, with genres like Classic Rock and Blues. It will also be the night to witness a show of fire and a sexy contest that will reveal as much skin as never before.

Saturday features our Tropical & Sexy Night, promoting the sensual, Caribbean flavor. We will have live music performed by our reggae and salsa bands as well as special events like Batucada Performers and Samba Dancers that will make the difference. Don’t miss our sexy show. It’ll be the ultimate seductive experience at Desire.

  1. SunnyFitandFunCouple

    Hello moderator. We won’t be coming in until July. Will the weekly activities calendar and the main website show this change from leather night to freestyle soon? While we have plenty of time, we want to start planning our theme night attire. Thanks!

    • Guest Service Manager

      Hello SunnyFitandFunCouple,

      On behalf of Moderator I would like to answer your question. Since February we will have the “Leather Night” on Thursday instead of “Free style night”. On Saturday the theme will be “Tropical and Sexy Night”. Now you can start planning your outfits, however, please keep checking the Blog because we are going to post very helpful and interesting information. Changes will be shown in our official web site: Regards!


    I’m coming to Desire at the end of this month and I am trying to figure out what to bring for the different themes…any advice would be very helpful

  3. Midwestcpl

    What is the dress for theme nights on Monday May 4th, and Tuesday May 5th? It looks like it changed from Black Tie night and Sexy White night? We both have purchased outfits for those nights and may have to get something different if it changed?


  4. Midwestcpl

    Woops had the dates wrong see corrected dates…….What is the dress for theme nights on Monday May 2th, and Tuesday May 3rd? It looks like it changed from Black Tie night and Sexy White night? We both have purchased outfits for those nights and may have to get something different if it changed?


  5. bobshan1994

    What are the theme nights for May15 through the 22nd?

  6. bobshan1994

    What are the themes for may 15 th through the 22nd? PLease post the correct theme for each evening as well. WE have already purchased outfits and do not want to have any issues.

  7. oreo bridgett

    what are the theme night for the week of monday may 30 for june 4,,,,,have they changed

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Oreo, no, our night themes remain the same. You can check them out here: For those dates we are only welcoming two different groups that visit Desire every year and have their own programs of activities so that our guests will have more fun and sensual games and events to choose from. Keep it touch and let us know what your favorite ones are.

  8. the judge

    Any guest events planned for August? If not why?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, the judge, thank for you for your interest. We will be releasing the new special events for August very soon. We can tell you that we will have Gangster’s Paradise and Latin fever will heat up our clothing optional atmosphere. Stay tuned for dates and programs here

  9. wet10

    Hello oreo bridgett!
    Coincidentally me and my hubby are coming from Arizona on those exact same dates. As this is our first time and we have been working for months to have appropriate attire (Just got the hooded cloaks in the mail). The Thursaday “leather” change threw us a curve. As we live in a small town, we may have to be spectators that night. I hope none of the other nights have changed!
    Hope to meet you there. I have a purple lily tattoo. Say hello if you see me…Bernadette.

  10. goldenhannie

    We will be in the Desire for about the 10the time fom 28 July to 5th August and would like to meet some german or spanish speaking couples, of course english as well. We must say, every time we are in the Desire we enjoy new incredubly erotic fun. By the way, we both are end 60th, lol.
    Heidi and Richard

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Thank you for writing Heidi and Richard, and welcome back to your Desire Resort & Spa. Please, keep us posted on how great your clothing optional resort experience was this time!

  11. fthunt

    This will be our ****th trip. Truthfully, we have lost count. Looking forward to meeting new people. My husband speaks a little French & a little German. How do people meet up? We will be there as post at the end of July.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, fthunt.
      We’re happy to hear you are coming and you will see how the people you will meet at Desire will make you feel like at home, right, Desire bloggers?

  12. chonobob

    We’ll be at Desire Aug. 20 for a week for our 8th or 9th trip. Will the themes be the same as posted here?
    We both speak Spanish and English. Is anyone that was there last year that week going this year? Hope to meet some new people and we also look forward to seeing our friends from last year!
    Sara and Chon: