New Night Themes

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Just because you asked for it, Desire Resort & Spa is renovating its night themes program so that you and your loved one could enjoy new erotic shows, performances and atmospheres at our couples only resort. Come and discover our two new fantastic and magical nights.

And here is a reminder of our whole program.


Naughty Schoolgirls & College Nerds

Come back to school the most sensual way, only at Desire Resort & Spa. Have you ever dreamed of a sexy schoolgirl, taking notes of every desire that comes through your mind? Now, every Monday at our clothing optional resort in the Riviera Maya gives you the chance of fulfilling this fantasy and many others in our Naughty Schoolgirls & College Nerds, the time to put on your most provocative schoolgirl and college outfits. This will be your opportunity to look your best, socialize with other guests and have a blast with our unique Couples Contest and live Rock band. Be a naughty schoolgirl or the hottest College nerd, learning the lessons not taught at school, and don’t get amazed if you are punished for being so badly behaved.

Foam Party

Play with the bubbles and let our exciting performances, sensual beats and spicy games seduce you.  In your sexiest suit, your own skin, get wet and let your sex appeal shine while our Jacuzzi Lounge is transformed into the most tantalizing party. There won’t be a better way to enjoy the most deliciously erotic part of your couples only getaway than experiencing our Tuesday night, the time when foam, passion and seduction will cover our Desire!


Lingerie & Champagne Night

Now, Thursday night at Desire Riviera Maya will give you plenty of opportunities to feel part of the always deliciously erotic ambiance of our couples only resort with our Lingerie Night, a classic at our Desire. Then, let the sensual atmosphere that will reign seduce you in every sip of your favorite drink, sensual performance you see and hot, steamy moments you will enjoy in the Melange Bar. Whether you join us in your choice for the occasion and rock our lingerie fashion show, or remain an avid spectator, your sheer outfits will help you reveal most of your hidden desires. That’s right, the dress code of the night will be sexy, sheer lingerie, provocative pajamas, hot boxers and of course the most tantalizing body painting counts too!


Neon Night

With an endless array of activities and entertainment that will lead us to our Neon Night we want to invite you not to be shy and join us for this great event.  Be creative with the shiny, eye-catching clothes you have and create the sexiest look of the night. Yes, this time, we just want you to put on a sexy, bright neon outfit to join us in the Y disco that we will take care of the rest. To the heat of our ultraviolet lights, you will shine as your figures are highlighted in your most revealing gear. This will be the night to let the seductive atmosphere elevate your senses to the top and make you feel the rush of passion as your desires radiate like never before.


Leather & Lace

This is the night to live Desire to the fullest. Be the sexiest you can be. Put on that alluring piece of leather and complement with another made of lace that you have been saving for the most memorable night of your life. It’ll be the perfect opportunity to wear your low-cut dresses, see-through and tight fabrics.

The heat, the seductive atmosphere, the erotic show, the music, the drink of the night, the sensuality, everything will be simply too hard to resist!


Pool & Beach Party
A new fantasy you asked for us to make come true… If you ever wondered why we never did it before, stop and welcome to our endless Pool & Beach Party. Now, ladies put on those sexy Jamaican bikinis and match them with your favorite high heels, this is the night at Desire to be sexy and open-minded. Gentlemen, don’t forget to put on that Jamaican style shirt and top it with a Bob Marley hat to achieve that soul rebel look you want for the night.

Dance to the sensual rhythms of live music performed by our reggae band and be seduced by the special dance contest. Be one of the couples, willing to show off their skills on the dance floor. This will be the night to enjoy the most laid back, yet sensual party of your life. Delicious and refreshing drinks, sexy bodies and the most alluring couples only atmosphere is what you can expect, the rest depends on you!


Sundays at Desire Riviera Maya will invite you to relive the fantasy of the 20’s. Feel like a powerful Gangster or a sexy Cabaret Diva and let go of inhibitions in the most exhilarating atmosphere. Just as it once happened back in the 20’s, be immersed into a world of sensual bodies, incandescent lights and seductive music. Yes, this is the night to join us in our Melange Bar where Go-Go dancers will make your heart pound with their provocative moves and our live band won’t let you leave the dance floor, playing their upbeat disco music that will bring back to life the greatest sounds of jazz and blues. Enjoy steamy performances of our sensual gangsters fighting for their lives. Just don’t forget to wear all the classic attire of those decades with the shine and color only seen back. Then be prepared for a night that will blow your mind away!



  1. Gemini Rose

    Are the Pool Party and 20’s Night both changes for Riviera Maya only? Any changes at Pearl right now?