No panties day


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Join us this June 22 as we celebrate No Panties Day! A day that gives girls the excuse to shamelessly go commando. The question is: is it good or bad for your sexual health? Going panty less can be as public or private as you want it to be, but we believe more women should embrace it. Here are a few reasons why.


Honestly, it is more comfortable! Going commando will decrease feelings of discomfort. Ditch your underwear during the day, and if possible do it at night.


Prevents infections

Vaginas are already moist, so, adding a layer of suffocation can actually make it worse. With a constantly covered vagina, moisture collects and cultivates yeast for growth. So, ladies, go commando is a great idea.


Get rid of VPL

What is VPL? Those horrible visible panty lines! There is nothing more dreaded than that! Without panties you never have to worry again.


Feel sexier

Lingerie is sexy but going without panties is more risqué and can be a true confidence booster.


Turn your partner on

Maybe your relationship needs a bit of stimulation or motive to make things more interesting. Want to see his temperature skyrocket? Simply whisper in his ear, in a public place where he can’t do anything about it, that you are not wearing panties. You will become the only thing on his mind till he gets home.


Random pleasure throughout the day

Having the seam of your pants rubbing your vagina all day provides different stimulatory sensations. You will feel a sense of freedom and comfort in your body. Try it, it may make your day.


Desire Resorts and a warm Caribbean breeze

As you already know, Desire Resorts offers a variety of clothing-optional areas. With our amazing weather and that cool Caribbean breeze blowing everywhere without interruption, you will enjoy that slow stimulating seduction that you have been craving. How’s that for a vacation turn on?

What are you waiting for? Make everyday a No Panties Day, go commando!