Play with Desire

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Play with Desire and Win Pleasure?

Don’t you feel like having new adventures, every couple needs a time away from the city, stress, family, work so it’s time to play with Desire. The place to be, Desire Resorts offers an amazing concept for couples and resort clothing optional and an exclusive atmosphere adults-only deluxe all-inclusive, where you can enjoy with your partner in unimaginable ways. Forget the monotony, forget about everything and live a new experience. Enjoy our amazing beaches, pools, games, restaurants and all amenities at your fingertips.

But wait, we do not stop there,

Play with Desire on your own.

At Desire Resorts, we want for the flame of passion to come alive again and forever so that you can enjoy even those places where we cannot be there to serve you, and to make it all even more erotic and special, we invite you to play with Desire making yours and your partner’s fantasies come true.

Then we invite you to try something new, something different, that will make you feel the sensuality of the suite and your bodies like nowhere else.  At Desire Resorts, we never forget how important it is for a couple to innovate in the bedroom. So we have found 5 erotic games we would like to share with you. We want you to play with Desire and bring variety to your sex life, an original way to seduce your partner with your partner, or other couples in the privacy of your suite or even when you are not enjoying your sensual couples only getaway at our Desire Resorts.

So Play with Desire:

1. Fishbowl Fantasy Sex Game

Give each partner 10 pieces of paper. Write down 10 role-playing fantasy scenarios. Fold each piece of paper in half and place it in a bowl. Every night, or when you want to do something different, draw a piece of paper and act out the fantasy that is written on the paper.

2. Hide-and-Seek

You will want to draw straw to see who will go first. The partner that will do the hiding will take the item and write a note about what the sexual treat will be if the seeker finds the item and hides the item. The person finding the item has one day to find the item and reap the sexual treat.

3. Blind Seduction:

You will need to think of a prize before playing. Draw straws to see who will be blindfolded and who will be the teaser. Place the blindfold on the partner. The partner who is blindfolded needs to feel 10 objects and figure out what they are. Make the objects fun and sexy. If they get 4 out of the 10 objects correct, they win the prize.

4. Dare-Me

With a dice, figure out a number combo that equals a sex act. For example, two sixes will equal intercourse. Then one person will roll the dice and get the sex act that equals the number rolled.

5. Strip Anything

Play an easy game of cards such as Go Fish. The person that loses a round gets to remove an item of clothing, and there’s nothing more seducing than this!

The only rules here are to live, feel, experiment and play with Desire.