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The most attractive thing about experimenting with roleplay is that you get to act out your wildest fantasies and potentially things you would never consider doing, because it isn’t you acting them out, it’s your character!


These encounters are typically something you have discussed previously, so you and your partner should already be aware of each other’s boundaries. Even though your character show case is a surprise, it takes some pre-show planning



In order to figure out how to work sexual roleplay into your sex life, you and your partner should first consider what sort of goals you have in mind, so that you can choose an erotic adventure that works for both of you.


Do you want to use roleplay as a form of trying something new? Looking to add a bit of kink? Spice up a long-term, monotonous relationship? Rekindle the flame? If you already know what it is that you desire, it will make it easier to discuss ideas and dirty details with your partner.



Planning your seductive character can be a blast.


You can do as much or as little planning as you please but make it fun. What would your character wear? Conservative or racy? Do you need a high maintenance trip to the salon? Dirty look? Out of the shower appearance? Costume? Accessories? How are you going to start your date? Sending a sexy text message with a seductive photo? A phone call in character? Via e-mail by invitation?


Ensuring comfort in the beginning can set the perfect scene for all your wildest fantasies to come true. Have fun in building your character, putting your all into the process builds not only character but excitement while stimulating the senses.



Communication helps to build security and intimacy and can help you fulfill your deepest desires. Talk about it, talk about talking about it, and once you have the green light, slip into that roleplaying character and have a seductively sensual time.


Whatever your desires may be, this is a situation where everyone wins if everyone plays by the same rules. Once the rules are established you can jump into character whenever you like, the game can begin at any time. By the way, there is no time like the present.


And what better place to try out your new character than our Desire Resorts theme nights! Each of our Desire Resorts seven seductive theme nights offers a distinct invitation for roleplay. Image seven nights of being someone different. Each of these themes has a distinct dress code which we highly encourage as it helps us set the stage and atmosphere for the evening. We provide the themes and you provide the fun.


Now is the perfect time to add some excitement by surprising your significant other with some spur-of-the-moment roleplay.