Scavenger Desire Hunt

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Scavenger Desire Hunt

Have you imagined what a Scavenger Desire Hunt can be like?

Surely you have played it with all our guests before and it has been so much fun.

Now, we want you to go for an intimate and unique Scavenger Desire Hunt.

Yes, the idea is for you to get really creative in your suite and take all of this fun-sensual naughtiness back home.

Then, we have come up with a game that you can implement in the privacy of your room and if you are really in your naughtiest mood, why not, you can also invite some friends to play our Scavenger Desire Hunt with you in our Play Room!

Can you imagine any other way to make even hotter your encounter with your partner at Desire Resorts. So why don’t you simply make a list of sexy stuff for your guy to find or do by the end of the day and  here we give you some examples of what you can include in your Scavenger Desire Hunt. Of course the idea is for you to feel free to add in your own favorite ones, remember the limit is the sky.

Play our Scavenger Desire Hunt and go find everything sexy ranging from a vibrating ring, a refreshing drink to feathers. You are at Desire Resorts and every single amenity and detail has been designed to awake your senses and your creativity in no time.

So get him to take off your underwear using only his teeth, feed you with chocolate-covered strawberries,
turn you on using an ice cube and get your way with him, making yours the most deliciously erotic Scavenger Desire Hunt of the history.

So what would you add to your own Scavenger Desire Hunt to do it in your style?