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Have you ever attended the hottest month-long event of the year, Sexy, Young & Wild at Desire Resorts? Well let me present myself, I am Angelique, and I am here to give you the “Inside Scoop” on this main event. Intrigued? Keep reading my friends…


For the 2nd consecutive year, and for the entire month of August, both Desire Resorts celebrated Sexy, Young & Wild. Desire invited us to live the SYW experience for a day in each of their 2 resorts; we found it to be a truly passion-provoking event for couples looking to rekindle the flame.


As we were only at each resort for 1 day, we wanted to take advantage of as much activity as possible to get a full flavor for this event. Our first visit was Desire Pearl. We were up and at em’ really early so we decided to give yoga a shot. Even though we were first timers, what could possibly be a better setting than on the pier, in the Caribbean, at 10am? Nothing! It was spectacular because it takes place under an open-air palapa where the cool ocean breeze gives you a true sense of peace and pleasure. Obviously after class we wanted to grab a bite to eat, so it was off to Aphrodite, the main buffet restaurant. We had a fabulous breakfast straight off the grill. We absolutely loved the breakfast bar with natural juices, fresh fruit, etc., but we really liked the a la carte touch for your main breakfast option. Then it was off to find a spot for some fun in the sun. Unfortunately it was a bit late for finding the best poolside spot due to the fact that a majority of main pool seating is reserved for Premier Club Members, this is a definite downside for the average guest. However, we finally found a spot thanks to a very kind pool concierge, and it was time for some much needed poolside R & R.


Then it was time for the main event of the day, as Desire was hosting its first “Nude Music Festival” with international guest DJ’s. We were there to witness the entire event. The actual set up started really early in the morning, where they mounted a main stage platform, tons of DJ equipment and led screens, creating sort of an outdoor club effect. Then, to top it all off, the event was sponsored by Moet Chandon, ufffff, it doesn’t get much better than that, they even had a champagne bathtub set up, it was incredible…can we say free champagne for everyone! At about 3pm the official party started, and throughout the afternoon special guest, “DJ Shadow Red”, was responsible for the incredible music and had everyone dancing to the hottest beats. Between the Play Makers, sexy guests, incredible music, champagne and loads of fun in the sun, it was definitely a day to remember. It was an inviting atmosphere for all couples without inhibitions, where you could just be yourself.


The following week we had the pleasure of visiting Desire Riviera Maya. We got a later start that day, as my main interests were the Triambika Workshop and the Mayan Massage. Triambika is the founder of the Ecstatic Awareness™ Institute. She coaches couples to bring their partners to heightened states of arousal, have extraordinary sex, gain confidence and create healthier relationships. This workshop was incredible we truly leaned a lot. Hopefully she will be back for the next edition of SYW.


A bit later in the afternoon, we enjoyed the Mayan Massage Workshop with Alejandro. It was a very dynamic, yet sensual couples experience. The journey began with a traditional Mayan cocktail. This workshop was designed to awaken the senses through music, scents and modern sensual massage techniques, bringing couples closer, we found it to be exceptionally erotic. At the end of the class Alejandro left us in private to allow us to explore with our couple, WOW, a definite don’t miss!


We really enjoyed both Desire Resorts SYW experiences. We found there was just the right balance of activity combined with some much-needed R & R, exactly what we needed. The workshops and special event activities really made the difference. The food and beverages were delicious, we preferred the A La Carte options instead of the buffet but that was our personal preference. The staff was excellent at both hotels they took fabulous care of us, and just loved the fact that they remembered our names, no matter where we were. The properties and rooms were just the right size, sort of boutique like, which makes the experience more intimate than the traditional monster size hotel. So the question is will we be back for Sexy, Young & Wild next year? ABSOLUTELY!


It was such a pleasure to bring you the “Inside Scoop” from SYW. However, please share YOUR experience with us: https://www.facebook.com/DesireResorts?fref=ts