Sex New Year's Resolutions

Sex New Year’s Resolutions

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Your Sex New Year’s Resolutions

Perhaps it’s that time of the year for you when you think you can change what you did wrong last year, and come up with your resolutions for 2014 and that’s always a good idea, but how about giving it a wild turn and you could also make your Sex New Year’s  resolutions, plan on making some changes when it comes to sex and follow them through booking at Desire Resorts, that we will help you make them possible.

1. Of course to have better sex. But how are you planning on achieving that?

2. Maybe being more spontaneous 
can help. Your Sex New Year’s Resolutions can be not having to plan for sex. There has to be at least a few occasions in which you’re able to come on to your girl on a whim. But don’t stop there, you can start to make a commitment to kiss and rub your woman or even flirt with her spontaneously.

3. You can also go for new positions. 
Try different maneuvers in bed and outside it, doing it next to the wall has always its charm for example.

4. Do it outside the bedroom, even outdoors, that’s always a turn on. Now how about coming to our Jacuzzi Lounge and go wild for real.

Sex New Year’s Resolutions are Fun

5.  At Desire Resorts we really want to encourage you to start talking more about what you like, what she likes, how often, where, and why. Otherwise, it’s hard to know what works for each other. You can start off by discussing fantasies, then sexual acts, and finally, you can take the leap into role-play.

Let’s talk more sex then and start planning your next vacation at our couples only resorts, and let’s follow through our Sex New Year’s resolutions here.

Sex New Year’s Resolutions at Desire

Yes, now we’re talking, if you come to Desire Resorts, ask for our Fantasy Menu that will definitely fulfill those erotic fantasies you all have. Try our outdoor sex romantic dinner or pole dance lessons to show her you have movements she hasn’t seen yet.

So don’t stress over sex ever. 
 From something as mild as watching porn together to something as wild as visiting a swingers club, this is the year when you’re going to explore the world of sex to discover exactly what it is that turns you on.

Let her dominate, then you dominate. Use tethers and blindfolds in your foreplay. Buy her an outfit you’ve always wanted to see her in and then rip it off her.

So can you come up with your own Sex New Year’s Resolutions you want to bring to life at Desire?