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When you think about sex and the senses what comes to mind? Probably the first has to do with touch, right? However, touch is just one of the five senses. Imagine what sexual experiences you might have if you took advantage of those too, with each being an important contributor to erotic arousal. So, if you and your partner want to spice up your sex life it’s time to incorporate each of the senses.


There are four types of touch sensations that we can experience or implement into sex sessions: contact, cold, hot, and pain. Certain areas of the body are more sensitive to touch due to concentrated nerve endings in different parts of the body, otherwise known as erogenous zones.


When stimulated, these areas provoke sexual arousal that may result in pleasure and orgasm. The obvious erogenous zones are genital areas, breasts and nipples, ears, neck and mouth.


Elements to be considered: feathers, warm wax, ice, oils, rope, silk.



If you don’t think outside the box, this can be a bit more challenging than the other four senses to incorporate into your sex life. Most couples only think about aphrodisiacal foods like oysters and chocolate-covered strawberries, but we at Desire Resorts recommend flavored lube, massage oils, edible panties, and a bit of body paint, as a different way to play with taste.



Smell is a powerful sense in our daily lives, but rarely do we consider the sense of smell when we think about sex. Sexual pheromones are chemicals that attract the opposite sex, think of them sort of like sex signals. There are several products on the market for this purpose, such as oils, lotions, and perfumes. Here’s a hint, when it comes to sexual stimulation, go with vanilla and musk scents.



Using the sense of sight for arousal can be exciting, and it’s a great way to tease your partner. This is one of the easiest of the senses to stimulate. Using sexual fetishes would be one of our suggestions such as foot, leather, and stocking fetishes, and even voyeurism. Simply by seeing different aspects or attributes can produce sexual arousal. You can also try lingerie, undressing in front of your partner, wearing heels, a striptease, and so many more. The key is creativity, so have some fun with this one.


If you want to go one step further, take away vision with a blindfold. This creates even more excitement, anxiety, and anticipation.



This is a sense that can sometimes be neglected. Simple expressions such as a moan, whisper, music, or even a vibrating object can send shivers down your partner’s spine. You can try something new, such as a visit to our Sin Rooms at both Desire Resorts. These dark, erotic rooms, where you can barely make out other’s faces, are the perfect hotspots to moan your way to ecstasy, and not to mention a major turn on.


Combining the five senses into sex is a sure way to add some spice. Desire Riviera Maya will soon be releasing a new fantasy that incorporates all five senses into one experience, an adventure that is sure to take you and your partner Beyond Seduction. Coming soon!