The sexiest tips for hot photos to your soul mate

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Sending sexy photos to your couple is always a creative way to turn the things on when you are far away from each other. And to make your soul mate feel the urge to stay next to you immediately, we give you some tips that will help you to take the best of you in every pic! But remember…

There’s nothing sexier on a photo than your confidence

1. Prepare the atmosphere: It is all about sending a fantasy in a picture, or more… So let’s set some ambiance to make it the most erotic! First, wear some sexy make up, like super red lips or cat eyeliner, hot messy hair, or long red nails. Then turn the TV off, light up a couple of candles, put sexy soft music, prepare the room or space where your photo shoot will take place by keeping it clean and away from elements that could break up the sexy mood (so forget your pics at the bathroom… The toilet is an absolute NO… And is the same for the socks… Forget about them)


2. Start with something subtle: Some snapshots of an aspect, like your high heels, a man tie or your most provocative décolleté. A sexy but quick look of what he’ll get later is the perfect way to start this photo shoot. Add a little kinky text to allure your man to the top. The thing is to start slowly, to create the whole fantasy. Don’t start sending a fully naked image or the fantasy will end too soon.


3.Use some filters: Using a smartphone gives you the advantage to enhance your photos and give different intentions… You can send a pic in classy black and white, and another one with soft tones to show your most innocent side… Play with all the options and make it unforgettable for both of you.

4. Make it fresh: If you are sending more than a couple of photos, try to make them different from each other… You can get some pics with a chair, a lollipop, a quick view of your lingerie on the bed or the floor… just your lips… a little bit of skin… Raise the temperature slowly but steady, and awake his deepest desires.


5.The perfect pose: There are some tricks that will help you to get the perfect erotic photo and look like a professional model without any retouch; you can lay down and then lit up your back as much as you can in order to make an S. Therefore you’ll show so much curves than what you actually have… Also, if it is a selfie took from upside, try to move your shoulders back, then you’ll put your breasts forwards, making them look bigger and sexier. Last but not least, put your chin up, so your neck will look longer and stylish. Dare to take tons of photos and learn your best angles, the ones that make you feel comfortable and look just as you wish.


But one of the most important things is to enhance your inner power to feel sexy… There’s always a new and nice way to try it, you can start by staying some days at Desire with your soul mate… You definitely won’t regret it, and it will be a nice experience to remember when sending those hot photos.