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If you and your partner are a fun-loving couple with an exciting sex life, then you may have toyed around with the idea of making a sex tape. Making a sex tape can be a fun way to take your intimacy to a whole new level.


Filming yourself having sex can lead to a much hotter sex life, however you need to have low expectations and a sense of humor, or you may be disappointed. Here are some tips to consider before filming your first sizzling sex tape.

  1. Communicate with your partner beforehand, and don’t film anything without consent. This shouldn’t even need to be said but: don’t film yourself having sex with someone if they don’t know about it. Once you have talked it through, and you’re both game, then decide what you’ll do after filming. Are you going watch the tape once then delete it? … Or … Invite all your friends over for wine & cheese and a screening? (It could be fun.) If either of you want to delete it at any time, do it, no questions asked.
  2. Morning sex or afternoon sex is best. Nothing beats natural light, however try to avoid recording towards the source of lightning.
  3. Make sure the camera’s on! Don’t miss those multiple orgasms and cool shots due to error, that would be a tragedy.
  4. Film around your sex life. Can you think of a worse buzz kill than being half-naked with your face planted in between your partner’s legs, then suddenly jumping out of bed to get the tripod set up? Sex in the real world comes out of a real-world context, so shoot a little bit before and a little bit after. Having the camera running before you start to get it on will help you to relax and get comfortable.
  5. Don’t just go for close-up shots! Keep the camera back to capture the whole experience.
  6. Its just sex, so relax & enjoy! After all bodies are just bodies, and making love is beautiful.

Desire Resorts sets the perfect backdrop for making your own sex tape, where you can have fun and let your love making creativity flow. We can assure you it will be the most deliciously erotic, couple’s experience of all time.