2013 Special Events- Desire Riviera Maya

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Dear Desirers:

We have good news, we have the first Special Events for 2013 ready for Desire Riviera Maya and we want to share them with you before anyone else, just for being loyal to our posts and news on our Desire Resorts. So keep us posted on what you would like to see this coming year and remember that Desire is the place to make all dreams come true, no matter how erotic they can be!


January 14th -18th
Now the place to fulfill your New Year’s resolution of being your sexiest self is Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya. We are inviting you let go of your inhibitions and learn how to feel the most daring girl on the pole.

Yes, we are bringing the best Pole Fitness Dance instructors to teach you the basic moves and more, always adapting to your own skills, and sharing their secrets with you so that you will be rocking your partner’s world with your own Pole dance routine at the end of the week.

The meeting point will be the Melange Bar and the invitation is extended to the men who want to learn this pole art and surprise their women. These will be the most seductive, vigorous and passionate days while the nights turn into the best opportunities for your fantasies to come true.


Classes and workshops in the club. Monday 14: Pole dance basics. Tuesday 15: Floor dance workshop. Wednesday 16: Pole dance class. Thursdays 17: Pole Dance & Stunts. Friday 18: Chair dance lesson + Final night + Sexy show.


January 29 to February 2nd

Due to the success that year after year our Sexuality workshops with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly (www.jessicaoreilly.com) have had, Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya has the honor to welcome her, our favorite sexologist, one more time so that she can bring us her extraordinary workshops on sexuality that will surely turn your sex lives around.

Come with your partner and join us in our “Y”nightclub that for this great event will be open as of 4:00 pm so that you can enjoy the most sensual experiences in the privacy you deserve. Discover the secrets your partner wants to share with you and doesn’t know how to while you have the opportunity to give her pleasure in the most creative, relaxed and fantastic ways. It’ll be time to become the best lovers and enjoy Desire to the fullest.


Tuesday 29: Stimulation and oral sex. Wednesday 30: The sensual art of caressing. Thursday 31: Erogenous exploration for couples. Friday 1: The sensual art of caressing. Saturday 2: Last seminar: Stimulation and oral sex. Night themes remain as in the normal schedule.


February 14th-17th

As it has become a tradition, Valentine’s Day will simply be unforgettable at Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya. From February 14th to 17th, we will be celebrating love & desire at the same time. Come with your couple to revive the spark of passion that brought you together in first place. Witness a beautiful sunrise together along the Caribbean Sea or enjoy a romantic stroll on the powder-like sandy beach of Desire, to later be seduced by the atmosphere of sensuality created by our pool activities.
And when the sun sets, delight your palate with the passion-evoking dishes our chefs have prepared to make these evenings the most exquisite. Then, surrender to the alluring ambience of the Melange Bar where many more fascinating experiences will await you. Desire’s cupids shooting their arrows will give you the perfect excuse to fall in love strong all over again, and how you decide to end this, the most seductive escape of your lives will totally be up to you.


Thursday 14: Sexy cupids + Lingerie Fashion show + The hottest contest. Friday 15: Casino Night + Playboy bunnies + Sensual Auction. Saturday 16: Romantic dinner in the stars + G.I. Joes & Army hoes. Sunday 17: Studio 54 Retro night.


March 15th-17th

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all around the world, and Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya won’t be an exception. Then, we are inviting you to dress your sexiest in green and join us in our exciting Desire style fest.

Even better, you will be making this Irish celebration last from March 15th through 17th. Have you ever imagined you and your partner reaching the end of a rainbow together? At Desire, we are making those fantasies and many more come true. Discover or reveal the most precious treasures and fulfill your forbidden desires in this earthly paradise. Our clothing optional hotel will be charmed with deliciously indulgent, fun events so that you and your partner will enjoy our clothing optional atmosphere. You won’t want to miss it!


Friday 15: 007 Casino Night + Sexy and erotic show + Sensual Auction. Saturday 16: Bright & Tight Night. Sunday 17: St. Patrick’s Celebration- Green invasion + Sensual Green Lingerie Fashion show.


March 29th-31st

This is the event that everybody’s been asking for! From March 29th to 31st, Desire Resort & Spa will turn into a Bunnies Shelter one more time. This is not only one more reason for you to visit, but also an invitation to become the sexy “”bunnies”” who will be hopping with joy and dazzling everybody with their sex appeals. Come with your partner and be the sexiest in our Bunnies Invasion parade. We will have a happy surprise for the winning couple.

Our sensual activities and fantastic night themes will lead you to adventure in the pursuit of the “Desire Egg”, the perfect opportunity to bring your astounding sex appeal to play and you won’t want to miss a minute of it.


Friday 29: Bunnies Night + Playboy Casino + Sexy Auction. Saturday 30: The Desire Egg Quest + Lingerie fashion show. Sunday 31: ABC Party.


May 3rd-5th

If it comes to an important date for the Mexicans all over the world, we must refer to “5 de Mayo”, the day of the victory of the Mexican army against the French. Yes, besides passion and seduction, we also want to share some of the richness of our culture with you. And although the memorable May 5th is not Mexico’s independence, as many believe, it is in fact one important occasion for us.

And this year, Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya has prepared a great celebration. This will be the right place to seduce and be seduced in the true Mexican style. Enjoy a feast of the best Mexican dishes and burning Tequila, as well as mariachi music, sensual games and daring contests. The best opportunity to leave all your inhibitions at home and live this authentic Mexican experience with the erotic touch of our sensual clothing-optional environments.

Friday 3: Casino Night + Sensual Auctions. Saturday 4: Dinner and show in the stars + Latin music. Sunday 5: Green, white and red Night + Mexican fair + Mariachi + Tequila tasting.


May 20th-24th

Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya is very pleased to welcome Tim & Tammy, better-known as the Squirtinators or Mr. & Mrs. Magic Hands for the third year in row. Join them in their fun, lighthearted and renewed presentations on female ejaculation. And you simply can’t miss their erotic massages workshops where they explain everything you need to know to achieve the best experience possible. Private massages in your suite will be also available upon request.

Whether you have already attended their seminars or not, you have to be here for our special week from May 20th to 24th that will make the difference in your encounters with your partner… not only during your stay at Desire!

Come with your partner and discover why Tim & Tammy will simply be the best when it comes to improving your sexual life.

Monday 20: Seminars + Workshops for couples in the night club “Y” at 14:00 Hrs. Tuesday 21: Private sessions prior reservation. Wednesday 22: Seminars + Workshops for couples in the disco. Thursday 23: Private sessions prior reservation. Friday 24: Seminars + Workshops for couples in the disco. Night themes remain as in the normal schedule.

8. IN DESIRE WE TRUST “USA Independence party

July 4th-7th

Commemorate the USA Independence with us not just for a day. This is one of the icon celebrations of Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya and this year we will be paying a homage to the American beauty with a line up of sensual events such as our original Mr. & Mrs. American sex appeal contest.

Our BBQ Party will invite you to delight not only your palate with our traditional, succulent 4th of July specialties, but also all of your senses being surrounded by the most seductive ambiances.

Imagine yourself enjoying a romantic, sensual dinner with your partner to later have a refreshing drink and surrender to the most deliciously erotic moment in the Jacuzzi Lounge as you watch our fireworks in the sky. Rest assured that Desire will be felt more than ever with our spectacular night themes and you will exercise your freedom like never before.


Thursday 4: Mr. & Mrs. American Sex Appeal contest + Pool Party + Erotic show. Friday 5: Mr. Desire + Casino night + Live Rock music. Saturday 6: Miss Desire + Dinner in the stars + Sensual music. Sunday 7: Retro American Night.

  1. regina

    nothing to happen in the first week of June?

  2. Sterne

    Hi, if I have a special request for a special event. what do I have to do? Thanks…

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Sterne, you can either let us know here or please send an email to activities@desireresorts.com and he will be happy to make your desired special events come true. Thank you for writing and stay tuned.

  3. EandV

    What happened to Jessica O’Reilly the third week of April?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, EandV, thank you for your interest. Unfortunately she had to postpone her visit to the resort, so please stay tuned we will be posting when she is coming instead.

  4. The Squirtinators

    We are Tim & Tammy The Squirtinators. We are much more than our name as over the years we have become sexologists and after a decade of working and traveling within the lifestyle we have tons of great information to share with all you sexy couples at Desire. We will be the host couple May 18th – 26th offering informative seminars in room couples erotic massages and private in room sex therapy and female ejaculation demonstrations. All compliments of The sexiest place on earth Desire Resorts. See you there!