Stay turned on all day, with a session of fleshly morning sex

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If you usually wake up and leave the bed immediately in order to begin your day, we recommend you to try something different this time…

We know that even if it is early morning you feel to hot to hold, and maybe your couple feels the same, or maybe he’s asleep, but surely you won’t receive any complaint if you wake him up with some morning action… Because, being honest; don’t you just love all the times that you start to feel between the sheets and between your dreams, all the kisses, the stroking and rubbing? Everything around you starts to heat up and this sensation stays with you the rest of the day… You can even catch yourself with that silly smile because you just can’t get that naughty thoughts out of you head.




So don’t miss the chance to live this erotic activity, whether you are or not on vacation… But in case you are, if you are staying at Desire  we highly recommend you to take advantage of all the moments and places in which you can’t enjoy your couple with no boundaries!